Faction Daazen
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 26.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1060/530
Workshop Level 25
Crafting Cost 14,045

The Barracuda is a Daazen Destroyer with flexible weapon mounting. It's one of the few ships capable of directly mounting the Heavy Proton Torpedo.

For player use, it is advised to use L-Weapons on the sides as they have better synergy with 1x3 slots.

One can also mimic the AI-version and arm it with Heavy Proton Torpedo and two Pulse Cannon M2s to make it a powerful mid-range fighter. Built-in TU will help with accuracy. Fighting from distance also increase the ship survivability due to its few blue slots.


Barracuda attacks with long range unguided weapons. It has fair speed and turn rate, which result in a high requirement on speed for ships that try to flank it.

  • Non-veterans are armed simply with a Proton Torpedo and two Pulse Cannons. These are slow enemies that can be easily flanked.
  • Veterans are armed with a Heavy Proton Torpedo and two Pulse Cannons. They also have a Small Repair Bot and Frontal Energy Shield to compensate for lesser armor. Fast ship for flanking is advised as they can turn fairly fast and a wall of torpedoes and pulse shots is dangerous.