Black Hole Generator

The Black Hole Generator

The Black Hole Generator is an kinetic weapon found in the Daazen tech tree that has a unique ability to produce a black hole. The Black Hole Generator fires purple projectiles that spawn black holes. Black holes sucks up all missiles, drones, asteroids, ECM flares and enemy ships within their close vicinity.


Black Hole Generator Details

Detailed statistics for the Black Hole Generator

The Black Hole Generator takes up nine S weapon slots in a 3x3 square.

Damage 75 (Kinetic)
Energy Consumption 25
Reload Time 10
Range 30
Velocity 6
Impulse (Recoil and force exerted on target) 5
Weight 450


The Black Hole Generator is an excellent weapon against drone carriers and missile skirmishers since the black hole sucks up and destroys all drones and missiles within a huge area. The black hole deals large amount of damage and destroy the black hole itself upon hitting an enemy ship or asteroid.

Players can manipulate the position of where the black hole spawns by holding the fire button. The purple projectile will spawn the black hole in the same position upon releasing the button, hitting other projectile or reaching the maximum range. If the purple projectile hits an enemy ship or asteroid, it deals damage immediately without spawning a black hole.

However, fast ship can easily escape from the gravity well, taking them down with the Black Hole Generator is very difficult. The Energy Shield is immune to the Black Hole Generator. The Point-Defense System can shoot down the purple projectile, but not the black hole.

Pros and ConsEdit

Pros Cons

High damage per shot

Extremely Low DPS
Long range Ineffective against fast ship
Low recoil Completely vulnerable to energy shields
Gravity well Fairly vulnerable to Point-Defense System
Sucks up and destroy missiles, drones and ECM flares Slow projectile speed


The Purple Projectile

The Purple Projectile

The Black Hole

The Black Hole