Bug layout
Faction The Swarm
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 32.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1280/640
Workshop Level 10
Crafting Cost 20,480

The Bug is a Destroyer of The Swarm. It was added along with the Hovertank.

For player use the Bug is a very large Destroyer capable of equiping several Antimatter Reactors, and can be made incredibly lightweight and fast. The It can also equip an Afterburner and S weapons such as dual Pulsars, or a Acid Missile Launcher. The S slots also have 180° built in targeting.

In Event Horizon Frontier it can be won by destroying alien outpost.


  • Non-veterans are equipped with an Acid Missile Launcher and will attempt to attack the player from a range.
  • Veterans are dangerously fast and are equipped with an Acid Missile Launcher with +100% AoE, and carry an afterburner. They will attempt to stay out of range while kiting with Acid Missiles.