Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Capital Ship
Base Hitpoints 123.00
Base/Minimum Weight 4920/2460
Workshop Level 164
Crafting Cost 907,740
Star Ingredient(s) 24

The Chariot is a Capital Ship introduced in the 2017 Christmas Update, belonging to the Free Stars faction. This makes it effectively the first and only Free Star Capital Ship. The Chariot is notable for being able to carry the Holy Cannon, and for the speed it can reach. 

For player use, its utility comes from its hit and run capabilities. You can get in and out without ever being touched. This requires a high speed build, and proper control.


The Chariot is unique in that it is the only ship with thrusters in the front of the ship, rather than the back. the gives it the appearence of always being backwards.


The Chariot is a very fast ship, and fights like a skirmisher, flying across the map peppering you with volleys. To counter this, you can either use a ship that is anti-attrition, like a living ship, or use another fast ship that can dodge its missiles.