Chronos layout
Faction Sayjix
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 42.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1680/840
Workshop Level 53
Crafting Cost 35,280
Star Ingredient(s) 1

Like most Sayjix ships, the Chronos comes with a built-in targeting unit and a 360° arc of fire.

For player this makes a powerful gunship even late game, provided one can find an Ion Cannon. Able to equip dual AMR and then five 2x2 green modules, there are plenty of variable setups one can use.


All variants carry large amounts of drones, along with an omnidirectional cannon. As none of these are too fast, long range missiles are advised as the AOE can destroy the drones. Use of ECM jammer to reduce the risk of being hit is usually a good choice against ships with omnidirectional weapons.

  • Non-veterans use dual Pulse Cannons that fire in a 360° arc around the ship, along with four M51(Small Plasma Cannon) drones. The drones don't deal much damage, so it's better to focus fire on the ship itself.
  • Veterans are armed with a Heavy Neutron Blaster and four M51(Small Plasma Cannon) drones. The drones aren't much of a problem as they don't deal much damage. Staying out of the range of the blaster is a must.
  • Double Veterans come with a Tractor Beam, Pulse Cannon M2, four M54(Small Missile Launcher) drones and a Small Repair Bot. Ships should ignore targeting the drones. While the pulse cannon itself isn't too dangerous, keep an eye out for the 360° Tractor Beam that will catch you unaware if straying too close. Long range attacks are also necessary.