Chrysalis layout
Faction Jurgans
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 20.00
Base/Minimum Weight 800/400
Workshop Level 17
Crafting Cost 8,000

The Chrysalis is a Destroyer aligned to the Jurgans faction. As with other Jurgans ships, the Chrysalis is a living ship with a repair rate of 1% per second.

For player use the back-mounted weapons are very hard to adapt to. This can be avoided by placing a pulsar, preferably mark two, in the S slots. This can make it a very powerful early game ship. As with a lot of low/mid tier Jurgan ships, this can easily be made into an extremely fast ship used to simply fly around the map, or for scouting. You can optionally add a plasma thrower to said super fast ship in order to produce an interesting looking trail.


The Chrysalis has a Mass Driver M2 facing backward, which it uses to push itself away while attacking. Long range weapons usually have an advantage against this enemy.

  • Non-veterans are armed with Plasma Thrower M2 and Mass Driver M2. They have very low turn rate that makes dodging very hard for them.
  • Veterans are equipped with a Stasis Field, a Mass Driver M2, an ECM Jammer, and a Quantum Detonator. They do not deal high damage, but with the ECM Jammer and a good speed, missiles and drones struggle enough against them to make them annoying foes. When reduced to low HP, they will attempt to perform a kamikaze attack using their Quantum Detonator. It is also dangerous when engaged as part of a larger group, usually three or more of them vs. the player, as a swarm of these ships can easily stunlock you.