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In Event Horizon, the players show their creativity by equipping their ships with thousands of unique items called "Modules".

Some ships are superior in firepower, others are agile like bees, some are heavy like a golem and some are strange... but each ship is unique in its own way.

And this is the sole reason for creating this page.

In this page, anybody who thinks that their ship has something impressive to offer (or can simply shred others into space scrap quickly) is requested to share their ship design so that rookies can get an idea for how to bring out the ultimate potential of a ship.

It doesn't have to be an invincible monster but anything which serves its purpose well.

So it is the humble request of a "Wikia contributor" to all others that if they have any unique ship design then please upload a screenshot of it and give us a brief description of its strengths, the best ways to use it, weaknesses (c'mon, everybody has some), what it is effective against, etc.


PS, everybody please only post designs of ships without extra slots (IE they have never had extra slots added in a shipyard), as there are a preponderance of amazing designs using the extra slots, and it's not guaranteed that everyone can make use of a particular design.


Fighters are any ship that, while being fast and agile, are typically a bit fragile, usually possessing low armor, but still have a good enough damage output to be considered for real use.

Shotgun Interceptor - dudephat. As the Interceptor is my favourite of all the basic ships (I consider any ship with an MK2 variant the basic ship of it's faction), I've been testing out various ways to beef it up a bit. I gave my Interceptor, two Barrel M2 satellites, replaced the neutron blasters with pulse multi-cannons, and gave it a small repair bot to boost its longetivity a bit. The ship does alright against smaller missiles and drones, the wide spread of the cannon helps to take them out. A bit low on armor though, torpedo ships will likely tear it to bits.

Paladino - dudephat. When I sold my Leech MK2, I figured I'd keep the fusion beams. I fitted them to my Paladin, and BOOM! This baby was born. This is one helluva fast ship with the Barrel M2 satellites, and can outrun the AI-only red missiles and BHGs(Black Hole Generators)d with ease. Fusion beams mean you have to get in close to do damage, but the fact that they lock onto the target makes up for that, as you can maneuver around them while still dealing damage. A Small repair bot keeps this thing going. Gunships will tear it apart, however.

Lich - MistaWallop. I discovered this odd combination when screwing around with some Taraniak ship builds. It is a strangely effective drone mk2, with two laser cannons, an energy siphon, two barrel satellites, and a few inertial dampeners. It should hit a peak speed of about 11.1 and a turning rate of 11.1, the main cause of the speed cap is due to the inability to add more thrusters, though the ship weighs next to nothing. It's strengths are its average HP (about 80) for its size, it's speed, the fact that it has built in targeting units, it's auto regeneration, it's small hangar size, and it's ability to paralyze and take down a wide variety of enemies: from small ships, to many medium and large ships, and even some Capital Ships. However, the Lich suffers from many weaknesses: though the vast majority of the materials required are easy to obtain and cheap to make, the build won't be as effective without an anti-matter reactor and energy siphon. While it's hit its speed cap, it also weighs next to nothing, meaning large impulse when hit. It is weak to drone carriers and many Sajix vehicles. It has a hard time with vehicles with frontal energy shields. Never ever pit it up against a Chronos, it will never win, I don't know why, but that is its Achilles heel.

The Imperial - Fallen One. I hadn't seen many imperial builds so decided to post one. The ISS Gunboat, Armed with two target assisted Tachyon beams. It can dogfight almost all other ships and get out unscatyed due to its high speed. It can reach speed cap (assuming you have the items to do so with) aswell as having a small repair bot incase you run into an asteroid. This happens a lot when you essentially always are firing an afterburner.

The Shocker - TomShift I had a paladin similar to the palidino but I couldn't get past the tarterus energy resistance so I put six small lightning m3s and now it shreds through anything I use an inertial stabilizer a few dampeners and an anti-matter generator I also have two barrel m2s and a small repair drone this ship only struggles against two skull overlord and two skulls unknown boss. Also, this can't be built properly without modified parts such as lighter engines and armor. P.S. I don't know how to upload a screenshot. P.S. post the image ill upload.

Ion-thunder - iCyanider- A thunder with decent HP, energy, and maxed velocity. Has incredibly long-range but slightly lower dps. Good as a counter for a lot of ships. The drawback is that this build is filled with purple and gold modules. Still worth it! It also has a Cloaking System to evade attacks. Kite - Obliterdeath: A scout MK2 armed with a TU assisted Pulse cannon MK2, and barrel M1 satellites. With max movement and no armour, this nimble little fighter relies on shields, if you take a hit don't worry because this ship has way more shield than HP so just fly around a bit more and the shield will recharge thus eliminating the need of a repair bot. Having 20 velocities and 20 turn radius is also a big plus, you can fly circles around any other ship and kite them Starcraft 2 style, watch out for missle skirmishers, because the missiles block your shots, and TU assisted lazers, because if they catch you your shield will not last long. If you prefer to fight at closer ranges, switch the Pulse cannon to a Pulse multi cannon. If the ship already has the "auto-target" skill upgrade, switch to Railgun, and replace a couple of your small shields with fuel cells to compensate. One-shot wonder!

Charger - Obliterdeath: After suffering several defeats by the hands of enemies with twice the level of my ships and heavy missile launcher M2s (due to my fast ships being too weak to survive a hit, and my heavier ships being too slow to close the distance), I realized I needed faster ships that can still take a beating, and while still angry, and annoyed, I resigned 3 ships that had not been used in a long time. The Charger is a Leech MK2 with an anti-matter bomb as its main weapon, and TU assisted Laser Cannons as secondary weapons, it is light and maneuverable, capable of closing the distance quickly to get in range, however it was still defeated by heavy missile M2s, to prevent that from happening, a Pot M2 satellite with a Point Defense System was installed. Ultimate Sniper - Shiro.672. I add slot expansion in engine and two more in blue slot. This ship use built-in Targeting unit. Using 2 Missile Launcher M3, Potato satellite, and railgun. This ship can almost destroy anything. Just keep the distance from enemy and fire the railgun. use missile when approaching enemy. with this build, I'm able to destroy any Capital Ship except Dreadnought, Doomstar, and Santa Claus. P.S I use purple quality Railgun with +100% damage modifier

Quadriplex Earlanosaurus - (Oh man another fast ship) This is my currently my fastest no Afterburner ship I made. It has 4 fast firing small plasma cannons that barrages a tiny damage to the enemy but boy these guys are powerful. It can duplicate itself into 4 to help destroy the ship to oblivion making the word "Team work". This ship has a small drone factory to increase drone build speed in case one falls down to its fate.

Missile Skirmishers[]

Normally armed with Small Missile Launchers, Missile Skirmishers are fast ships, sometimes equipped with an Afterburner. They are used to counter most ships.

Potato Probe - Sythion. Missile skirmisher. While armor and fuel aren't too high, the sheer speed and damage are well worth it. Very powerful against light, medium and even some heavy ships.

Seek and Destroy - qwerty4429. This ship is the ultimate Missile Skirmisher. Taken the idea from a Zephyr with an afterburner, this guy can destroy Capital Ships in a volley, while not being damaged at all. Maneuverability and damage allow him to have powers to destroy any Capital Ship in there (including 2x veteran Tartarus and 2x veteran Megalodon), have a pool party of 10 enemy ships and himself, or just take out any guy quickly. Missiles are multi-targeted, so no problem with drones too. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**

Hit'N'Run - qwerty4429. This Scout MkII takes little place in the hangar. While being able to take out all ships in a system, his pulse cannon fires precisely while he's heading towards the enemy and the missiles always get to the target if you're close enough; everything damages pretty nicely, ship itself is incredibly fast. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**

Shadow skirmisher - qwerty4429. This missile skirmisher doesn't use an afterburner, cause he's pretty quick himself. His 3 missile volley damages a lot, and his maneuverability allows him to not take hits, while taking out ships. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**

Viper Skirmish - ArcKloud. Fast and powerful ship. Without the Potato M2's your ship will be useless, so you will need to have those. Bind all the weapons in one key as they need to be fired all at once, and only fire in one button tap volleys, as it will run out of energy very quickly. Bonuses should be +damage for the weapons. The only downside is that it has low armor, but with levelling and upgraded ship armor through the passive tree the problem will be gone.

Barrage craft - Obliterdeath: A heavy stalker equipped with potato M3s, missile launcher M3s, and small missile launchers as a backup weapon. the Barrage craft is not very manuverable but has enough HP to tank a good amount of damage, its made to fly straight towards an enemy ship and launch its barrage of M3 missiles when in range, small missile launchers are equipped in case the ship does not have enough energy for a big enough barrage of M3 missiles. the M3 missiles are very useful, small ships will die in one or two hits from one missile, and if some big beefy boss tries to mess with you just get in range and launch a powerful barrage of missiles, enemies will regret letting you get close to them the moment they see the number 11000 pop out of their ship (damage done in one volley to a double veteran Zeus that was 14 levels higher). Like any other missile skirmisher try to shoot in a way that the enemy will not survive and be knocked out of range, requiring you to spent energy on your afterburner. (I noticed the Seek and destroy ship by qwerty4429 is similar, so the barrage craft could be considered as a updated version of it)

Stealth cruiser-XeviousJr This imperial cruiser is equipped with two hmlm2 and a stealth field, it has no drones but it has a decent speed (6.2/3.9).

Assault ships[]

The largest and most vague category for general-purpose ships normally having a good amount of armor and DPS.

Praise the Sun - Gabranth. After the 0.14 update, acid cannons are less than nothing, so I had to remodel my Zombie as it was my primary Capital Ship killer. I attached it 2 Pulsars M2 and now it's even more deadly. But now it's bad against Tartarus, as you need to be real close. Everything else is kinda easy to destroy

Rapid-fire BHG Tarantula - DragonCatTamer. This bad boy has enough fire rate to have three black holes open at the same time, and only the longest ranged ships can escape it, its energy recharge means it can fire its BHG until ANYTHING is dead. It has been capable of taking out 2x level double vet tartarus and be just fine, its double proton torpedo mk2s fire a stream of torpedoes due to the number of automated re-loaders but consume its energy in a heartbeat, and it acid cannon is good for constant damage on ships with high resistances, its my first ship to do 1k+ damage, and did this at level 36 with max damage upgrades. With better versions of its equipment and replacing the small fuel cells and light titanium armor with small armored fuels, this thing could be a truly fearsome ship, I merely lack the money to do so. Its primary weakness is ships with heavy missile launchers mk2 or mk3 that have decent speed, and ships with warp drives might be a bit annoying, but can take them out, usually on high hp. Does very well against ships with stealth or cloak, stealth just get sucked in, while cloaked ships can't get out of the constant black holes opened all at the same spot before they run out of energy (that's why its good against double vet tartarus, does better than against single vet). Another annoying ship is the vet heilos, because of the extreme resistances to the main weapons, but this thing has never died to one, even 2x+ level. EMP torpedos are also a very big problem, but are kill able with a few exceptions.

Assault Beholder - User:Voice_of_the_Fleshless_Eyes. Tough, regenerating assault ship. still searching for more armored fuel cells, a third vampire ray, and better satellites, but as of now, it is quite effective to deal with every boss and heavy or medium ship besides the Oracle, Tartarus, and Zeus, which i have found to be quite lethal to engage at close range, owing to their tracking weapons. still untested on most double veteran Capital Ships, other than the Veniri, which it can deal with at a standard over-level of 20 to the Capital Ship in question. It is fast for a heavy ship, well armored, and the power is sufficient to keep firing for a full minute, and recharges quickly. It makes use of the plasma thrower M2s for kiting tactics. Light ships can mess it up badly, and force retreating into cloak to regenerate and wait for them to fly into the firing path of the beams. Dies fairly fast under concentrated fire.

Destroyer - qwerty4429. This Big Daddy of firepower can destroy (check the name) almost any ship 2x levels above in a single volley, also being a great way to knock out some Capital Ships (2x veteran Tartarus is his breakfast, while 2x veteran Tartarus is a very tough target for any other ship), and having tons of HP and tracking weapons allows you to call-in 10 ships at once, knowing you'll be the champion of this Colosseum.

Ursula - Marciko322. This little beginner beast is equipped with an omni-directional Machine Gun, is heavily armored, has a high fuel capacity for non-Capital Ships that it can regenerate pretty quickly. This ship can also be pretty easily created by early-game players, making it the first high-powered ship I've ever gotten. The downside is that the Machine Gun takes a rather long time between salvos, and is inaccurate at long range. If you can get close though, hell will ensue, especially if it's overleveled.

EMP Manticore - ICyanider. This special ship design for a Manticore is actually overpowered. EMP Torpedoes disable the enemy's active equipment, then you destroy them with a volley of very damaging Heavy Proton Torpedoes (that is if you're accurate enough). It can destroy every enemy other than the Double Veteran Oracle, Thor and Overlord level-to-level. Beware of stasis fields though, as this design can only fire the proton torpedoes to the front. Not so good against enemies with EMP Torpedoes especially Tarantula but can still kill the latter.

Manitcore Charger: DeepBlue10055 - A Manticore built for one purpose - speed. This unlikely setup ditches the notion that Manticores should be big and heavy. It focuses on inertial stabilizers and Barrel M3 satellites to make this happen. Armed with 2 targeted M2 Proton Torpedoes, this ship can rush in, create a flurry of well-placed explosions, and get away unscathed. At 13.4/11.3, this build is wickedly responsive and nearly as fast as a ship with an afterburner.

Twin Combustion - XenonSniper. This Thunder build is well balanced. All the firepower comes from 2 heavy neutron blasters. It has high health and power for the cost of lower speed. It is good against medium, light, and some heavy ships but is useless against missiles.

PS: Replace the center 8 small reactors with medium reactors

Lightning: - DeepBlue10055 - Comes before the Thunder - a take on the double veteran thunder than features twin targeted railguns and two barrel M2 satellites. With speeds in the neighborhood of 13.7/8.5, this ship is fast, powerful and versatile. Can be used to great effect against all unsheilded ships. When considering build strategy, remember that a high recharge rate and low energy capacity works well with the long reload on railguns.

Cyclops - qwerty4429. This Gladius build is an obvious yet effective one. It's pretty long-ranged, has a high Hp pool and very damaging as well as being able to devastate Capital Ships in a straight fight with ease. It has low maneuverability and speed, however.

Assault Paladin - Darwel. Very fast, very light and very deadly. It's able to circle around the enemy with its 2x Fusion Beams while locked. Can take out 2жж Nemesis around its level. It has lower Hp so it needs to dodge enemy fire, which is actually pretty easy thanks to its agility. It's vulnerable to Capital Ships, but will otherwise destroy most other enemies.

Falcon - Versatile Gun Platform - Darwel. Versatility itself. Packs quite a punch with its targeted Heavy Proton Torpedo which is exchangeable with a Railgun for even more of a punch. It's almost invulnerable to rocket-based ships thanks to its Pulsar mk2. There is an ECM Jammer for drone takeout and it easily handles close range with its targeted Tractor Beam and Fusion Beam. It can withstand some punishment and is fairly fast. It's vulnerable to Capital Ships and 2жж Nemesis as it is not fast enough. With Railgun though, it's entirely possible, but there are other ships that can take out 2жж Nemesis faster.

Leech MK2 Black Hole Skirmisher - Darwel. This ship has one and one purpose only. To close the distance as fast as possible to the enemy ship, create a Black Hole and flee. Recharge and repeat. It can take out almost anything provided the player outmaneuvers the enemy. It's vulnerable to unnoticed missiles and Tartarus.

Kwodeu Blast - ICyanider and XenonSniper. A Twin Combustion MK2. Kwodeu Blast has 2 Heavy Neutron Blasters with Targeting Units and two Glaive M2's with M2 Proton Torpedoes (NOT FOR USE ON DEATH STARS). Has higher armor, speed, and energy regeneration but lower energy storage. The faster energy regeneration compensates for the lower energy pool and the lighter weight also causes the Heavy Neutron Blaster's recoil to push back this ship while firing to prevent getting too close to the enemy. Also has a Large Repair Bot that makes this ship endure and repair more damage. Torpedoes are used to reveal stealthed enemies and destroy incoming missiles while the blasters are for killing.

Beholder Healthsucker: This boy can easily take out 1.5x level ships. For short distances, it has a tractor beam and a fusion beam. For long and medium targets, it has warp drive. Just warp up to them without hitting. And since it's a living ship, it regenerates Hp very quickly.

Vampiric Rhino - Unmaker Omega . This stealthed Rhino is capable of getting in range considerably fast, grabbing whatever foe is in the way and releasing it's entire firepower at a 2x rate until the problem is obliterated. Although the Firework Cannon, the Tractor Beam and the Acid Cannon are targeted, the Vampiric Rays aren't, so you'll have to do some maneuvering to get them to catch on and follow the enemy. They can also be swapped to Fusion Beams for additional fire range and to preserve energy. This ship is vulnerable to enemy ships with Warp Drives.

Slayer Chronos: Snowgods Although this ship is very slow, requiring the warp drive to maneuver, this is a very strong build (tested to Level 1,000). The Omni-directional mount can hit fast moving ships with ease, and the warp drive is used to avoid nasty attacks like Heavy Missiles Mk2. The low damage of the Pulse cannons is offsetted by a high fire rate, and damage boosts, while retaining good endurance. The Heavy Missile Mk2 is used against slow ranged opponents. Strengths: It's excellent against other ships with warp drives, and can take on Oracles with ease (Though it does require tactics!). Weaknesses: It can be out-ranged by double veteran Thunder, and Chrysalis, and gets overly distracted with Thor. It will usually take a hit from Black Hole generator opponents. ECM jammers aren't usually a problem with good tactics. Options: A second Heavy Missile Mk2 can be added for a slight decrease in either RoF(Rate of fire) or damage. The Pulse cannons can be changed to Pulse multi-cannons (but the range and endurance will suffer dramatically). The armor should be switched out to match your opponents (currently set up for use vs Oracles)

Falcon - The BLAT: vindalloo Switch off the NPCs lights and keep blasting enemies with the Heavy Proton Torpedoes. If anything fast gets close, use the Pulse multi-cannon. It's fast firing, has good speed and maneuverability has decent armor and energy. Fly at the enemy and try to get a hit with the EMP torpedo, once his weapons are disabled smash him. Repair in between encounters and repeat. Works well against most Capital Ships.

Stealth "volcanic" oblivion This is a stealth Oblivion with four plasma throwers, a stealth field and a lot of fuel cells. This ship is very slow but it has a lot of DPS and it's useful against Capital Ships (especially Thors) or very slow ships. To use it you have to get near the target and cook it

Shuriken - by GeekSHO - (v0.11 update) An incredibly deadly assault Eden with a Laser Beam, maximum mobility, high defense, and is easy to fit in your carrier. Can solo capture 990% capitals when leveled up. Can destroy any ship 1.5X its level, including many Capital Ships. Strategy: Maneuver around behind your enemy and burn them down. Zig-zag motions will confuse missiles and target assisted shots. Its weaknesses are carriers (lure drones away from the mothership before attacking). For cloaking/energy shields, pulse the laser to force the enemy to waste their energy. Build tips & module bonuses: Engines should have +power, Reactors can have -weight. You can equip enough Inertial Dampers to hit the speed cap, then equip High Energy Focii in all remaining green slots. After defeating a wave, spin the ship as fast as possible for a true Shuriken victory move.

Speed Beholder - ArcKloud. A fast Energy Laser ship. Useful in the way that it's a living ship, so 1% Hp regen per second, and three Vampiric rays to boost the health regen. Good to use as a last-resort ship after your best ships have died. Not very good at taking down Capital Ships, but good at any other ships. It can escape black holes and AI-only Red missiles.

Oblivion thing - ArcKloud. Despite the bad reputation of this ship, it turned out to be very useful. You need the Barrel satellites for this build because, without them, the ship will be useless. This ship is just fast enough to escape the pull of the Black Hole and dodge the AI-only Red Missile. It's equipped with a Black Hole generator and a Heavy Quantum Torpedo (bonuses should be +projectile speed). No need for a targeting unit (no room anyway), because the torpedo is homing and the black hole, well, you don't need a targeting unit for that.

Torpedo Gunship - ArcKloud. High DPS, omni-directional firing. Should be firing forward, because firing from the side or the back hardly ever hits your target. Just treat it as a front-firing torpedo ship with a targeting unit.

Anti-Missile Oblivion - Cuptato. As the name suggests, it's an Anti-Missile Oblivion that's equipped with double Mk2 Pulsars and a Tractor Beam. Just go up to a Missile Skirmisher and activate your Pulsar(s). Has average armor and its speed is decent, not enough to catch a Leech Mk2 however.

Oblivion Sentry - dudephat. I called this one the sentry because it never moves. It doesn't need to. Black Hole Generator deals very good damage, and pulls enemies towards you if you need it to. The star of this show is the Ion Cannon added in Update 0.12.3 mounted in a Dart M3 satellite with a targeting unit. The Ion Cannon, while a little inaccurate, fires rapidly, and has incredible range rivaling that of the Railgun. The targeting unit lets the satellite target a wider range, allowing the Ion Cannon to shred more enemies. Makes a great combo with the BHG. High health, high fuel, and a high recharge rate are all features of this sentry. While this ship is very slow, it's turning rate is sufficient enough to be able to target enemies; thanks to the TU-assisted satellite. Braking system means you can just sit and wait for the enemy to approach and then get your guns blazing, as well as not having to worry about gravity from far away planets. This ship tends to have some difficulty with drone carriers.

Crow Class Raven Mk2 - CyntaxPL A cheap monster, tactics are very easy. Torpedo velocity depends on your speed. Torpedo homing on the target rip it to pieces. Simple, right?

Annihilator - Multiverse_Voyager I've got ISS Gunboat from smuggler's base. I've already had two Small Taychon Beams, unfortunelly, both with Damage -20%. However, Annihilator is extremley good ship - enemies with 2x higher level are it' breakfast. If you're lucky, it can even kill some Capital Ships. Satellites may be changed because I don't use them a lot. If you don't have - you should.

Assassin - Obliterdeath: *After suffering several defeats by the hands of enemies with twice the level of my ships and heavy missile launcher M2s (due to my fast ships being too weak to survive a hit, and my heavier ships being too slow to close the distance), I realized I needed faster ships that can still take a beating, and while still angry, and annoyed, I resigned 3 ships that had not seen use in a long time. The least successful of the three is the Assassin, due to its poor survivability, however it is still useful. Just like most Eden builds, this one is armed with a Laser Beam, however ,unlike other Edens it also includes a Warp Drive allowing it to avoid Heavy Missile M2s. Barrel satellites make the Eden go even faster, so go and close in on those cowardly enemies hiding on the other side of the map. Unfortunately ,due to the lack of armor and repair bots, it often can't survive more than three fights.


These ships create a volley of fire, normally four+ lines.

"Piła" Saw - Pszmo,Excalibur with 8 pulse cannons with aiming and nice fire rate. Can take both normal ships and Capital Ships, problematic is ony weight and small energy capacity. Try to get -% weighted Anti-Mater reactors to have better speed. Big amount of HP provide him to survive lot's of heavy rockets like M2. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**

The Hammer - User:OverCr. Although it uses Small Pulse Mk2 cannons which are limited in range, using 7 cannons gives it quite a punch. It creates an aimed torrent of pulses that take down, in one try ,most of the ships I encounter. I found that it's quite effective against Scorpions when attacking abandoned bases. The regeneration is a big bonus. **may not be a viable build in latest game version 0.11**

Sniper - User:Kiljaedenas, an Excalibur fitted with 4 railguns + 2 more on two Dart M2s. Dart M3s not used for another pair of railguns in order to keep the turning speed up. No drones, lots of energy equipment, and all the guns linked to fire simultaneously, plus all Fusion drives to have the best possible forward speed to get in range. Takes skill to learn to aim this thing for max-range hits, but it can obliterate most non-boss ships in a single shot from a massive range, and Capital Ships in maybe 2 salvos. One of the most lethal ships possible if you can master aiming it, try to visualize a line going straight forward from its hull to help. Only something with shields, anti-kinetic armor or some kind of dodge move will be a problem.

Brawling Javelin - User:Kiljaedenas, a Javelin fitted with Neutron Blasters + 2 more on two Dart M2s, M3s not used to keep the turning speed up. Afterburner + 3 Small Nuclear drives to have some turn speed, all weapons linked, plenty of energy equipment, a small repair bot and no drones. Since Neutron Blasters do more DPS than Pulse Cannons and the Afterburner easily lets you get within range, this thing can catch up to anything and dish out some serious punishment.

Slugger: An Excalibur with two Barrel M3's, 4 targeted pulse cannons, and a frontal sheild - all bound to the same fire button. This setup is very fast for a gunship and nearly invincible to incoming laser and cannon fire. Built for energy capacity instead of regen, it can sustain fire for over 10 seconds. Perfect for taking down far more powerful Capital Ships, particularly Thor, Colossus, and Tartarus. Throw a small repair drone in and this ship can solo huge fleets of certain enemy types.

Carpet Lagger - User:Crdguy. Why carpet bomb when you can "carpet lag"?! Why is it called so? Use its powerful weaponry and you'll soon find out. Some may find this build ridiculous, but after refinement I have found it to be extremely viable in both boss hunting and against regular ships. It sports general anti-tank and anti-drone capabilities due to its high damage output against slow targets, however the huge AoE still makes it able to tackle small ships. It carries six Firework Cannons (I use built in TU also, but you can equip targeting units and use 4 Firework Cannons instead) and enough modifiers to make it viable. Movement isn't a problem for the heavy ship either thanks to its large fuel capacity and afterburner. It can kill pretty much any ship if you're determined enough, and the AoE from the fireworks helps it deal with wave after wave of ships with ease.

የዘላለም ጥፋት - User:Earlanosaurus. Idk how to explain my ship build or edit the web here but it's just my first try. It's a ship that fires tons of rockets to a single narrow conical area. It deals great damage and most of the modules are golden. That is all. :)

Machine sniper - oblivion with 5 pulse cannon m2s and a targeting unit, fill every armour slot with armour 1 large fuel cell (cuts into gun slots 1 large nuclear reactor 2 nuclear reactors and inertial dampeners, this will get you around 250 hit points (using small armour) aim assisted 37 dps in a good ranged single line of fire with 25 bullets a second. Hence machine sniper. (Wise I had a picture)

Drone Carriers[]

Carries of fleets, these ships can constantly produce wave after wave of Drones. (Outdated in 0.13.1)

Drone Freighter - qwerty4429. This guy is just a moving fortress, with infantry running around. His purpose is simple - you do nothing, drones take out ships. You can easily just go AFK, while ship farms survival runs.

See also Stealth Carrier version by bennyg11. With standard (blue) parts this build is marginal on energy generation and may need to ditch the repair bot or a module or two. With energy cost reduced parts and reactors with improved output, and thermal armor in every blue slot to boost energy gen, you can get to the +5 or so needed to safely maintain stealth and drones. I don't use drone damage amps as speed is survival and having more drones alive catching and shooting your enemy naturally means more damage. Low hp doesn't matter too much so long as you have drones distracting the enemy. It is very vulnerable to black holes and can sometimes can escape planet gravity... and can be overwhelmed with multiple afterburner xx Capital Ships (Overlord xx, Zeus xx) as it takes too long to kill them, it flatout sucks against Tartarus xx, but otherwise can AFK 100LY 900% bases with 40+ ships with barely a touch. I have even seen it out-drone a same level Thor xx on a couple of occasions :)

Leviathan AFK Upgraded Version 0.10.8 - Greg89. This Leviathan build can unleash full power from all 12 drones. 500%+ drone speed is a must to go fully AFK during gauntlets (kills Object 18) or enemy bases - tested on 202 LY Koreans base with 2** Thor lvl 120. Increasing energy/heat/kinetic resistances and keeping HP as low as possible lets your M81 drones heal you in 1-2 seconds (full HP after every M81 drone spawn). It can even fight with 1-2 recharge rate because of its high energy pool.

Fire and Thorget - Aylanon. Stationary, resistant to planetary gravity, modestly armored and a large energy pool, the Stealth Field makes this ship truly fire and forget. Drone speed is kept around 350% to allow the M31 drones to engage (too much speed and they can orbit a stationary enemy without firing.) With only a little luck, capable of taking down an Unknown Base at 303 light years and approximately 800% strength with literally no user input. The lazy player's best friend.

Boss Hunters[]

Specialized ships used specifically to counter certain bosses.

The Fork - qwerty4429. The Fork builds are mainly aimed to take out Capital Ships, just flying around and then shooting in the rear. A lot of weapons allow them to do this effectively. Laser forks are straightforward, quick and deadly, you can also add some turrets with small laser beams for greater effectiveness (while ship being slower) - Wasps don't have enough slots to make greater use of their L slots, keep in mind. Multi-cannon forks are better at taking out multiple drones, small ships etc., while a little bit worse against Capital Ships. Targeting systems allow them to concentrate every bullet at an enemy, improving their damage.

Lukazaz-Nemesis - Lukazaz. This heavy ship is similar to some Tarantula builds, while you could actively fight the opponents, the range extenders help out snipe enemies as you wait for the BHG(Black Hole Generator) & Heavy M2 to recharge - you actually spam the Heavy M2 (they help create obstacles for the opponent while they swim around due to the BHG gravity wells). Due to the small repair bot, you will want to stay far from enemies. This ship can serve as a Capital Ship destroyer if lvled up (80/90s for double veteran 120 Capital Ships)

Oracle killer - Greg89 . This ship is probably the best Oracle killer except Capital Ships. The strategy is very simple: fly stealthed towards the enemy, fire your acid cannons and use the cloaking system to get some distance. Acid cannon is the specific weapon because it ignores all resistances (no damage type). Furthermore it stacks on tgr enemy dealing damage over time and makes it impossible for him to regenarate his shield and Hp. This ship is also strong against other Capital Ships without a point defense system. Recorded short in-game video.

Backstabber Stalker - bennyg11. Simply stealth, get behind your enemy, unleash four heavy missiles at point blank, and if that doesn't kill it, dodge fire until you can stealth again (and repair if required). It's almost an exploit since in just about every other game ever, explosives do splash damage to the owner... This works ok against Thor xx at range (since the drones will probably hit and destealth you before you get right up to them) if you stagger the fire of your HM2's - one or two may hit the drones. I was missing some equipment for the photo (e.g. small armored cells, stabiliser, +damage modules).

Starfall-6nop6nop . Crazily OP Raven mk2. Uses inertial dampeners to go fast, then fires quantum torpedo. Momentum from ship gets transferred to torpedo, launching it at high speeds. Long range sniper. Takes out most single veteran Capital Ships without a scratch. Can take out double vet megalodon if you circle around to dodge the red missiles. Levels real fast, crazy damage.

Statosfear-Crdguy. The Imperial Frigate was certainly made to use the Plasma Web- but combine with this 20 forward speed and you get a beastly Capital Ship hunter, and the bane of Thor. Stratosfear zips around, dodging missiles, drones, and the like, before unloading its deadly payload. Takes out anything slow and tanky, e.g Double and normal vet Megalodon and Thor. Place the web on the front of Thor to stop it from firing, place on the back to stop ALL drones from spawning. Probably works vs Doomstar also. Very weakly armoured however- and incredibly reliant on its firepower and speed alone.

Charging Sniper - Stalker with M3 Barrel Satellites and Initial dampeners makes the battleship as fast and manoeuvrable as a lightweight fighter. Assign different firing keys to each Heavy missile launcher M2 and charging towards the enemy a little, fire one missile at a time to ensure the momentum of the ship is transferred to the missile making it much harder for the enemy to dodge. Can take out most Capital Ships from far away. Weakly armoured to keep weight down, its completely reliant on its speed and cloak to survive.

Simone-Ricia Crab with M3 Barrel Satellites, inspired by both the "Oracle Killer" Crab and "Stratofear" Imperial Frigate. As one of the few ships able to use 4x1 Plasma Webs, this design was an obvious one. Small Plasma Webs (3x1) complement in both crowd control and area, and the different travel speed and distance can create usefully variable plasma coverage. This particular build is done with a high amount of purple and gold quality modules, most meant to reduce weight and increase thrust, but a mundane variant follows the same principle: fast, annoying, and able to CC most ships into oblivion. The Titanium Armour can, of course, be swapped to match the situation. The energy reserves and recharge rate allow for constant fire, albeit with the default, slow fire rate of the Webs. It being a living ship, I disregarded the use of a Repair Drone. I find this design to be very strong against ships that rely on missiles, mobility, drones, and facing. While the Oracle is a bother due to omnidirectional arcs of fire, the damage over time effect is useful against its shields. Its main weaknesses are ships with Warp (due to their ability to escape lockdown fairly easily) such as the Tartarus and Tarantula, Tachyon/Deathray ships (the ships lacks any sort of cloaking or defence against this, although anti-energy armour can do the trick), and (to a lesser degree) sturdy ships with omnidirectional firing arcs.

Crd's Wrath-Crdguy My personal choice for killing any boss whatsoever. Drone capture for bosses such as Leviathan, Colossus, etc. Cloaking module+high energy to stealth under any kind of attack, making it viable against bosses such as Megalodon, Doomstar and Dreadnought (otherwise it'd be ripped to shreds). Dual plasma webs for countering all bosses- as they all are heavily effected by plasma webs. It can slow and stop such bosses from turning. Throw at the back of Doomstar, Thor and Dreadnought to stop drones, restrict movement on ships such as Megalodon, you name it- Plasma Webs counter practically ALL bosses. In the build I used mainly green and some pink and gold modules, it is not particularly optimised and has room for improvement. This single ship is capable of pwning entire bases, gauntlets and the like. While labelled as a boss hunter, it can kill a lot of regular ships too. If you'd like to see it in action, please visit my profile. It is an early version of the Wrath however it shows how powerful it is. (although it was a low level gauntlet it wasn't optimised AT ALL) For improvement, you may swap the armoured cells for regular fuel cells as you will be OHKO'd by practically any ship at higher levels. I would also upgrade the modifiers on the dampers, engines and the reactors. Once this is done you can even add another 2 (small) Plasma Webs to pack more damage for higher levels. It only has one weakness- it struggles against enemies with a warp drive, such as the Kraken. Getting close range, shooting plasma webs and stealthing while letting the Kraken shoot you stop it from teleporting on most occasions however I wouldn't recommend it against such bosses- though it can kill them.

Scavenger the Boss Hunter - Multiverse_Voyager I've wanted Scavenger for a long time but I didn't know how to use it. I decided to try to make it a boss hunter - and it works perfectly. With mostly blue modules it has nearly killed every Capital Ship in game (expect Doomstar - I haven't found it yet), one with 4x higher level than it (Colossus) and three with 3x higher level (Dreadnought, Kraken and Tartarus). It is very good when fighting normal battles, too. I think it can be even better on higher level and with modules with better quality. Please note that it might be changed!

Flagships/Capital Ships[]

The largest and most powerful ships. They can do all roles, boss hunters, gunships, drone carriers etc.

Megalodon high damage- Yoollloooo. A good build that shot 6 Heavy Missiles M2 with 200% damage every 4 seconds, have a repair bot and 15 small missle launchers for close defense, and it is not advised to use heavy missiles with different cooldown bonuses, if they are different, he won't have time to fully reload his energy.

Megalodon Ranger - DeepBlue10055 - This build is defined by a focus on rangemaster units and maneuverability. The target-assisted laser beam is extremely deadly beyond the range of any cannon (except railguns) and the missile launcher M2s fire roughly as far as Heavy Missile Launcher M2's, but with a faster fire rate, higher projectile speed, and lower energy consumption. The attack/repair bay ensures you stay at full armor, and the afterburner allows you to catch up to any ship attempting to attack from outside your range. This build is particularly effective because I was farming a gauntlet and got several -90% weight large fuel cells, greatly reducing the overall weight of the build.

Zeus Apocalypse - Blaah. New and improved version! Up to date with 0.10.8 and new modules. Zeus is an unbelievable power house of a Capital Ship in player hands now. Improved build inspired from developers changes to Zeus xx tactics (ty developer :D). Build needs minimum weight modules in everything except weapons (titan engines can be replaced with - %energy cost) and special modules (afterburner, cloaking etc these need - %energy cost or for afterburner - 50% cool down time). Higher turn rate over velocity is important it allows you to face any direction super fast and afterburn either away or to give chase. Gives incredible mobility and survival and maximises the targeting with the heavy laser m2. Having 2 slow healing drones is also important, they will never keep up with you but are a distraction and you can easily move to them to heal. Heavy laser m2 with +100% damage or +50% range (-% energy cost is not recommended unless you have +600% total energy cost). Missiles have 2 options: heavy m2 +100% damage or normal m2 +100% damage. A hands on killer but is really insane, long range high damage laser with a few missiles around, its laser can also out range doomstar xx :'). Can take on any Capital Ship, very high lvl Oracle xx are not possible sadly, thors can be done without ECM jammer. It excels at killing daazen, 200+ xx Capital Ships possible normal daazen npcs are very very easy. With top level modules it's possible to hit 300-350% damage bonus and still keep speed, armour, energy etc. **This build is NOT up to date, it does work but there is a better option, will update it soon**

kraken CQB - Blaah. Primarily designed as a Thor killer, it does the job very well capable of killing thor Veteran and Double Veteran x8 your level with ease. It is also capable of taking doomstar, double Veteran ones can be tricky as they have improved Warp drives, leviathan, Colossus and Zeus (other Capital Ships get tricky). Stealth Field with high velocity, turn rate and Warp Drive is a dangerous combination. Get close to target, ECM jammer if needed, stun when behind and pew pew. If anything goes wrong Warp Drive away, Stealth, heal and repeat. HAMB2 is very powerful when close to a target don't forget to use it. Adding a cloaking device to the build gives even more survability and allows you to use HAMB2 then cloak, HAMB2 will detonate under cloak, if the target is still alive you can stun then attack or just stay cloaked until stealth field kicks in. Braking Device can also be added, personal preference, and changing the lasers for lighting weapons or fusion beams/vampiric rays, the lasers work best against Thor double Veterans because they have energy absorbers and energy damage reduction. **This build is NOT up to date but the general idea for it is very very efffective, will update it soon**

Megalodon Carrier #2 - Dragonbonded. My favorite drone carrier. Notice the layout of the drone upgrade modules. The layout can also be used for the Overloard Capital Ship. Weapons, engines, and other modules can be changed. I just wanted to bring to peoples attention the green slots layouts. Comes with a stealth field, and room for other addons, if you don't mind taking a module or two off!

Oracle Carrier #2 - Dragonbonded. Another of my carriers, this one has drones, obviously, but its the balance of weaponry id like you to look at. 2 vampiric rays, 3 laser cannons, a couple of energy siphons and a tractor beam. Comes with a stealth field, among other goodies ; )

TBSIHEM Oracle - The best ship I have ever made, this thing shoots almost across the entire map, lightning cannons to kill drones and stations quickly, a teleporter, and a small repair drone. Using a -50% energy cost heavy laser mk2 will greatly increase the effectiveness of this ship, and using a +50% range teleporter will increase it's mobility. in general using mostly greens, purrp!es, and yellows will make the ship more powerful as well. https://youtu.be/iNakGbb12mE A link to gameplay of this ship and a full screen of the design pulse multi Cannon at the end should be replaced by lightning Cannon mk3s.

Killer Zeus - Dragonbonded. Here is my Zeus build. It has a lot in common with Blaas build, but with a few differences. +200% Range, +400% damage, and +300% reload time, it packsa wallop. The laser is deadly enough, but with it firing heavy middle launchers m2s fast enough to do damage, yet slow enough for the energy to recharge between shots, equipping a repair bot for repairs and having high enough resistances to damage types, this thing levels up so fast i couldn't keep up with the resource requirements for slot unlocking.I'm sorryI don't have a build without the extra equipment slots modification, but I figured I should share this anyway.

Dreadnought Ranged Gunship - DeepBlue10055 - One of the most fun Capital Ships I've used to date. Once you're able to equip a few gold and purple key modules (guns, reactors, engines) and reduce the base weight by 20% this Capital Ship becomes highly effective. Mine is only level 55 at the moment and is easily killing level 150 Capital Ships. A dreadnought vs dreanought fight is some of the most fun I've had in this game in a long time.

The Mighty Leviathan - dudephat - All those people who tell you that the Leviathan is only good as a drone carrier? They're wrong. Because this exists. With high health, high fuel, and high speed for a Capital Ship, it can evade hits, tank hits, and keep firing for days. Which is good, because all of the automated reloaders I've packed into it give it a fire rate bonus of 190%. It has Neutron Blasters M2, mostly because they're my favourite kinetic weapon, but you can swap them for another, if you wish. It could reach even higher speeds, if you had +engine power Titan Drives, as I only had one. The armor modules I used were +100% and +50% defense each, so that's the only reason I didn't need to pack too many of them in the ship and potentially ruin it's great speed. The afterburner lets it catch up to faster ships (It can struggle a little with the veteran Chrysalis and double veteran Nemesis ships), and it can even act as a decent battering ram in a pinch. Best used when charging straight at an enemy with the afterburner, while simultaneously firing those blasters. Repair bot to keep it chargin' 'n' targin' longer.

The Unmaker - Unmaker Omega - A Death Ray Oracle with an energy shield, a huge health and energy pool. I don't know if anything else needs to be said. My most powerful annihilator and world destroyer as of 0.14.3. Almost all modules are purple or gold, including the Death Ray itself, which has +200% damage in pair with 50% longer charge time, compensated by a bunch of reloaders, bringing the charge time down to 6 seconds while maintaining a damage output nearing that of the AI version Death Ray. It abuses the shield buff of game version 0.14.3, completely nullifying the damage of many missiles, torpedoes, black holes and other whatnots. Packed with a cloaking device, repair rays that cannot be shot out like repair bots and a rangemaster boosted ray that makes distance a non-problem, this thing has anything you could ever need. When raised to 100, it can clear bases at around 500 LYs if enough caution is paid.

The Queen - Unmaker Omega - Now updated! Our mighty Queen, creator and leader of the great Swarm, has rightfully taken her place as the most OP Capital Ship ever implemented. Armed with double Death Rays, as well as double Holy Cannons and a Black Hole Generator, all powered by an insane energy pool. She posesses her natural 100% initial resistance to nearly all damage, allowing her to take a shot head-on without taking so much as a scratch, she puts Doomstars to shame with her 180° and 360° arc of fire. This build focuses mostly on movement speed and rapid reload times, coupled with her innate ability to regenerate damage over time. She also posesses a point defense system to prevent most missiles and other unworthy gunk from touching her mighty tail. She does not have a cloaking device because she does not need one. She tanks damage like nothing else in the game.

Requiem - Graylore - A new Jormungandr varient from build 1298. Built to take on any fleet at a 200 level disadvantage, the Requiem strikes a careful balance between toughness, versatility and speed. Only the green and yellow sections have been developed to avoid slowing the ship down. The natural weakness of all Jormungadr is the lack of maneuverability due to the tail. There is no point putting nuclear drives on a Jormungadr - turn rates above 10 are useless. The best you can do is make the ship faster. The Requiem is fast enough to fly directly away from double veteran Chariots and have them turn away. The BHG is there to disperse drones and useful in PVP. When taking on other Swarm Capital Ships, it circles them clockwise to get the best range from the Holy Cannon. The most difficult decision is whether to go with damage or cooldown on the Death Rays. You can also swap armour for more energy reserves and end up with about 2100 each.

ታርታሩስ - Earlanosaurus (source link in gunship section :)) - The fastest capital ship I ever made (no hacks nor mods). It has an energy shield that uses it's energy as it's health while the point defense system is automatically destroying projectile and missile weapons. If the shields are down, it will leave small amount of energy left to escape away to use fortification module and get more resistance to specific weapons or attacks. It has a low amount of bionic armor to health automatically, heavy amount of reactive armor for efficient battle defense, and an energy absorber to absorb energy from energy type attacks. It has 4 High Energy Focus to concentrate power damage to the HVR while absorbing health.

አረና መጥረጊያ - Earlanosaurus - The most powerful capital ship I made. It uses M51 ore M52 drones to protect the player ship and destroy enemy AI ships. It uses a Range +50 Gold Death Ray to sweep multiple enemies within seconds in a 360 degrees angle (highest kills-in-a-row is 10). The large drone factory helps build destroyed drones in seconds to get redeployed in the battle field. It has an auto-aim Potato MK3 satellite with a cluster missile launcher for random nearby enemies in the starboard side while a Dart MK3 with an Ion Cannon locked aim for random fire power to enemies in front of the ship. The dual neutron blasters shoots so fast for nearby enemies to get barraged by a blast of neutrons to enemies, Of course I'm kidding! It shoot subatomic particles that will affect both objects to get distorted or destroyed and living things to get radioactive effects to its health. It has ecm jammers to both distract drones and missiles by its beautiful glistening effect that will distort it's optics or it's vision.

Starter Models[]

These ships are designed for those who just began their journey into this game.

Beginner Scout - XenonSniper: A cheap, fast, scout with good damage.This design is ideal for new players.

Interceptor Gunship - 1337Pwnzor: An Interceptor converted into a mini-gunship. Good early ship, since it is available at home base. Make a clean sweep of some Veniri bases, farm some credits ( and pray you get good drops from RNG), and research the pulse cannons. Or go for the satellites first if you manage to get some weapons. Good against the Jurgans' Embryo/Embryo Mk2 and Chrysalis, Veniri Scout/Scout Mk2 and Paladin. [Comment from another user: not sure if this is still viable as the interceptor now use only light satellites (ie M1 satellites)]

Upgraded Hornet - Mr Mishmish: Hornet that has better modules that its default. The Fusion Beams allow swift take-downs up close, even though the ship is slow. The drones and regen are a big plus. Not recommended for use forever.

Upgraded Kryptoria - Mr Mishmish: Kryptoria upgraded from its default layout. Due to high capacity and low cost of the laser, up-close and personal becomes No Man's Land. The drones REALLY help, especially whenever player has to rotate ship. Really fun, tbh.

Upgraded Leech - Mr Mishmish: Leech upgraded from default layout. Pretty speedy, not quite, and high damage. Well rounded and suitable for flanking or basically anything. Great mid-game ship.

Zion Drone Carrier - CyrusIII: Clear some Bushrak territory, buy a Zion in a base and research the drone bay. That's all it takes to have your first AFK farmer. M21 drones are decent, but switching to Koreran M31 drones improves your range and firepower immensely. How to use: Fly in any random direction and go afk. Optionally, land on a planet.

EHF Event Horizon Frontier Builds[]

Due to the vastly different tactics needed in the large scale fleet-to-fleet combat in Event Horizon Frontier, vastly different builds for the ships are necessary. Fast ships with heavy accurate firepower are the name of the game. For ease of sorting and searching, please put the tag EHF- in front of any build posts in here.

  • EHF slime (cruiser) by dragon245 my build is incomplete just so you know i use machine gun with targeting unit also 4 inertial dampers speed is 15.0 /15.0
  • next one clone center still working how to fit 2 next 2 automated re-loaders all gold modules with energy cost oh 1 anti-matter reactor and 1 light energy absorber and thermal armor 2 fuel cells there mediums and 2 small reactors 2 nuclear engines and 2 larger fusion drives oh and 1 pot m2 saterlite this build is incomplete its good for hit and runs could be better yes will add light titanium armor plus 20 if i get it might add high energy focus again still working on it no extra slots needed so far max energy is 107 hp at 56 its low but still working on it sadly dont have a good photo of it at moment all modules are gold some are plus 1-10 if you play EHF you know which oh have a shield capacitor and bioarmor good for hitting and running will edit if i get it better photo will take some time

EHF-Man of Ions - User:Kiljaedenas: An excellent early example of what TU-assisted Ion Cannons can do. Arguably one of the two deadliest sub-capital ships you can field in EHF, this little brawler even outperforms several of the capital ships at accurately putting sizeable damage on multiple small, fast targets in quick succession. Compared to the only other sub-capital ship that can fit a pair of TU-assisted Ions on itself, the Thunder, the ISS Man of War has more engines and a better slot layout especially in greens, giving it much better speed and accessories. You'll find this one to be a critically useful escort for a LONG time, potentially indefinitely, so don't get it too high in the stages itself so you can make use of it as early as possible. And be on the lookout for high quality items in the loot of your other main run ship(s) that can be Smuggled over to this one, to cheaply beef it up even more.

EHF-Worm:Laser Biter - User:Kiljaedenas: A bit difficult to get, a bit difficult to fly, but arguably one of the two deadliest sub-capital ships you can field in EHF. Easily the best sub-capital Laser wielder, this version of the Worm Battleship outperforms multiple capital-class ships in anti-fleet combat. It's entirely possible you may never remove this as an Escort once you've unlocked it so don't put it too high in the stages (ideally no more than 5-1) so that other ships can use it as an Escort quickly. Also, since you'll be using it so much it is well worth spending the Stars to get the gold High Damage + Cooldown Penalty upgrade on the Heavy Laser (the strength of this is explained in EHF-Zeus:Laser Disc), giving it very accurate heavy firepower, and be on the lookout for good equipment from other ship runs to Smuggle to it.

EHF-Zeus:Laser Disc - User:Kiljaedenas: Easily one of the best Heat fighters you can field as an Escort among the skillpoint-unlocked ships in EHF, and strong enough to be a main run ship as well. Although it doesn't have the same raw toughness that the Dreadnought can have, with a lower max weight and more engines upgraded to gold Engine Power it can MOVE. From full forward afterburner speed this thing can do a 180 spin and accelerate to full afterburner speed in the opposite direction in under 2 seconds. Its double-range, quad-damage Heavy Laser, while not having quite as much raw damage output or max range as the Dreadnought, is still plenty long enough, still has very respectable damage output and is hyper accurate. That Heavy Laser also has a hidden strength: the same reason why Autoloaders are not used on this ship is why the Very High Damage Boost + Cooldown Penalty enhancement from the Engineer can be used on it. Autoloaders and that cooldown penalty explicitly work on the attribute Reload Time, an attribute which constant-beam weapons do not have - and, are therefore, immune to. The Heavy Laser can reap all the benefits from the gold triple damage boost with no penalty, giving it VERY solid damage output. Also thankfully as an Escort, with the long range missiles loaded this will not adopt the same tactics as an enemy veteran or double veteran NPC Zeus, staying at long range plinking away with missiles; it will charge straight in to use its much more dangerous laser. When you have this thing out as an Escort, whichever direction it goes you can rest assured that your Starbase will be well protected in that direction and can move your main ship to a completely different one to cover a wider area. It's also surprisingly effective against the Capital Wormship Hostile Lifeform. The Heavy Missile M3s leave a fire cloud at detonation similar to Acid Missiles. With one salvo of both missiles into the head of the Wormship it will drag its tail through the firestorm, likely destroying most if not all of it given the damage boost of this build, and the Heavy Laser will make short work of any drone swarms. The now very vulnerable head can then be quickly taken out however you choose.

EHF-Dreadnought: Destroyer of Fleets - User:Kiljaedenas: (Apologies for the two separate screenshots below, but the ship is so massive at max zoom my cellphone still couldn't fit the entire thing in the equipment screen for a shot.) It may take a while to get this, but this ship has it all. It simultaneously has high movement speed, toughness, a large quick-regenerating energy pool, and weapons that are long range, fast firing, very accurate, high damage and have a projectile speed that only instant beam weapons can beat (no other weapon in the game with a projectile velocity can match the base 100 speed of an Ion Cannon even with a 100% projectile speed upgrade). Because the flight speed of the ion shots is so fast, even at the enhanced 50+ max range no ship can dodge it via pure flight unlike every other projectile weapon. And given that this is a very good capital ship, it is well worth putting the effort into getting all of the equipment to Gold level upgrades (though at later stages quite a few gold items just dropped from enemies making it much cheaper). The two ion cannons on the Dart 3's are fire-linked to the front Heavy Ion Cannon for improved forward firepower, and have the Range upgrade to put them on par with the Heavy. All other weapons have the gold Damage upgrade, and the side Ions are all fire-linked together for bi-directional broadsides so you don't need to think about which ones to fire when ships are beside you. All power generators have gold Energy Regeneration, all of the fuel cells (including the armored ones) have gold Energy Capacity, all of the plates have gold Defensive increases giving it over 50% resistance to all damage types, the Afterburner has reduced Energy Cost, all of the engines have gold Engine Power. All of the nanofiber structures were cheaply bought for credits or picked up from drops from enemies and most are Purple with +3HP, and a couple of dropped ones were Gold for +5. The Heavy Ion Cannon can fire 5 shots a second (or 300 rounds per minute), and the Ion Cannons go at twice that. Not much can be built that can beat this. Whether as a main run ship or as an Escort this will be one of the best ships you can field. Entire squads of ships get wiped out in seconds from a good distance away, and it can easily redirect to another area to hunt more.

EHF-Oracle: Destroyer of Worlds - User:Kiljaedenas: Initially the Oracle may not seem that great since its accuracy with projectile weapons (even Ion Cannons) is rather terrible, missing at least half of its shots. It does not have that problem with a Death Ray. Arguably the hardest setup to get from the skillpoint-unlocked ships and equipment, and it is suspected that this was done on purpose; the Death Ray is the only weapon in the entire game locked BEHIND a capital ship in the skill tree (the Doomstar), and the Oracle is the only other ship in the game that can fit one...and is better at using it. This isn't the fastest possible build for an Oracle but it is enough; it can still get to the max speed limit allowing it to collect dropped loot, and while firing the beam it can spin fast enough to beam-rake a wide area to hit cloaked ships (all of the engines are Gold enhanced for engine power). It isn't the toughest Oracle build but it is enough; nearly everything dies too fast. It isn't the highest energy capacity but it is enough, able to handle a max-charge Death Ray plus some extra buffer to fuel the afterburner, and the recharge rate can fill it up in only a few seconds. This allows enough room to enhance the Death Ray to truly lethal levels. The Death Ray has the gold Damage boost (not the high damage with cooldown penalty) to help keep the charge time down, allowing it to get a full charge within about 4 seconds. The beam can quickly switch targets while still firing; when their baseline health is low enough this thing has been seen killing 30 ships within a single max charge beam blast. The one and only ship type that may be a bit of a trick to beat is Wormships. The beam prioritizes targeting the head whenever possible and both Wormships with a fully intact tail have perfect invincibility, able to take a full max-charge beam shot without taking so much as a dent to their health. The subcapital type found in the normal battle rounds shouldn't be too much of a problem if you have good Escorts with AoE weapons, but the Hostile Lifeform (especially the faster ones) are a bit more tricky. You'll need to move behind it so that hopefully the targeting switches to the tail, or failing that the beam will be forced to go through multiple tail sections to get to the head (and if you can do this you'll likely kill it in one shot). If you are going to do an Unknown Signal with this ship it is highly recommended to switch out the two High Energy Focus M2s for Inertial Stabilizers first; the damage will still be enough to effortlessly pulverize an Alien Outpost from the very border of the trigger range, and the improved movement and turn speed will be vital for getting behind the capital Wormship.

EHF: Hunting Raven. User:DeadW4: This build is made prior v2 update but still viable and even easier to get with new crafting system. +Very high speed for vessel and resulting absolute speed for projectile, making it hard to dodge for most enemy vessels; +Proton Torpedo M2 is good itself even in "common" quality - rapid cannon with decent projectile velocity and rapid fire; -Speeds 20/20 and lack of Targeting Unit makes this vessel is very hard to control and making hits with torpedoes, even with increased projectile velocity. So either sacrifice green slots for autopilot or hand it over to AI companion; +-Can fit with antimatter reactor for good energy gain (recomended lightweight one) but uses up almost all green space; -Need for high-level modules, critical are all "golden" quality; -Relying on main gun and non-armed sat's for making up for lack of critical slots. The Hunting Raven has role of intercepting smaller vessels and making all shots count. Core for the build - Proton Torpedo M2 with +100% projectile speed (damage debuff covers up by better chances to hit), high power small fusion engines and weight reducing modules. Satellites are Barrel M1 and Pot M1. Barrel gives an extra slot for engines to reach 20/20 speeds and get some excess power to play around blue slots. Pot is for green slots - either for Inertia Stabilizer or autopilot (if you decided to use it by yourself). Small Repair bot is recommended but not necessary. Optimal setup for green slots is squeezing as much energy as possible by using "golden" modules with halved energy consumption and powerful reactors. In case of using nuclear reactors it's better to get less of powerful than more of lightweight - additional Inertia Dampener wins you more free weight than antorer bunch of light reactors for same values. If you decide to go with Antimatter Reactor - it's more optimal to use lightweight one. For PTM2 and bot ~15 recharge rate is good enough. As for blue slots you are free for all except keeping 20/20 speeds, so nanofibers are mandatory. For example I keep around 50-60 power capacity - enough for hit'n'run tactics used by most light fighters.

EHF: Dogfighter Leviathan. User:DeadW4: I had this design on my mind for a while and now it's released - a fitting flagship for frigate/destroyer class pack of fighters, that won't lag behind. The philosophy of this build is to get tough interceptor that can tank some inoming heavy armament and cover smaller ships flanking. ALL modules are "golden" quality. Vessel alone can achieve 17.5/17.5 speeds via four powerful Titan Drives and lowest weight possible (2270). Barrels M3 will squeeze 19.7/18.9 or 18.9/20 for you. Solution - get a Hovertank. Better solution - get two Hovertanks. Single Hovertank can get you to 20/20, but it gives you little extra engine power and other slots to tinker with equipment and keep top speeds. My build is balance between armor/shield and energy capacity, but it's up to you to tweak vessel in any way desired. Most defence modules are "lightweight" and utility modules are "efficient" to minimize the overall reactor weight and still have a decent recharge rate. Exceptions made for Anti-Matter Reactors which are with extra power and Large Fuel Tanks with doubled capacity (Holy Cannons with +100% firerate needs a lot of juice). Engines are all "powerful" types - I could use some with less consumption, but I've spend excess power to install some small armor plates with better protection buffs.

This is "dogfighter" - that means guns with consistent damage, either via thick barrage or high velocity. This build got both. Any C-type 1x4 weapon will suffice, except for Railguns - it's up to your preferences. Current build is outfitted with Mass Drives M2 - this is solid mid-ground between other similar weapons with similar upgrade buffs,  the drawback is recoil. These guns can mess up smaller ships into spinning and still pack a punch for bigger ones. Holy Cannons on Hovertanks are with reduced mass and serve the "thick barrage" part of build, making it main damage dealers. Orginally vessel was fitted with Warp Drive, but it was power-hungry and proved to be not as effective like on fast frigates. Instead, Frontal Shield and additional Dampener were installed and AM Reactor been changed to powerful one. In-game this setup makes Leviathan behave like Scout with "hit'n'run" tactics, instead turns into "hit'n'run-for-next-one". After "arena" update this design proved to be exceptionally good at assaulting opposing base - front shield tanks a lot of incoming damage helping you to get to opposing base being quite rough up but that enough for Dogfighter alone to tear apart poorly designed starbases.

EHF Tarantula EZ 250+: User:Jockalone: Moved from improper placement on the Tarantula page


For ships that don't fit into any of the above categories or have not yet been moved. If unsure, things should go here by default.

Kraken just for fun - xvzzzzvx. A Kraken with high ramming damage. I tried to find a way to make use of this Capital Ship, and finally resigned. No build so far suit my style so I fit it for entertainment. Strength? Weakness? No, it is just for fun. Happy ramming while firing the bomb, and regenerates between runs. LOL

"Paladins Blade" - swordofblaze 27. A terrifyingly effective modded version of the paladin. I figured out that paladin actually has 3 weapon slots, not 2. The third is in the center. I put a stasis field and a small Lazer beam in the center, and then I equipped it with two dart m1s. Each of the darts I gave two more small Lazer beams. This can shred almost anything, the only weaknesses I've found so far are darts and missile strafers, as well as ships that use long range, high damage also take it out, like Zeus.

Eden Ninja - Ginsengaddict. An Eden armed with a Laser Beam (2x2) and a couple mk2 damage amplifiers, as well as a buttload of inertial stabilizers, makes for a nimble ship that can get in close behind larger, slower ships and doesn't have to aim. Vulnerable to drones and missiles - can be mitigated by ECM.

Super T - Cornbreadx This is pretty much the ultimate build to take on any ship in the game. 2xx Elite Capital Ships? No problem. 9 ships at once? Piece of cake! Ships 2x, 3x, 4x above you? Easy! 2xx Elites 2x or 3x above you? Say hello to your new friend! Tarantula ship with black hole generator, when upgraded, deals one hit kills to anything almost 2x in level above it. Capital ships take 2 hits tops at that level range. It's not a fast mover, but you don't need speed as you can use the black hole generator to bounce yourself off incoming asteroids which gives you dodge power. It reloads the generator fast enough that you can wrap the map and be placing another black hole nearly next to the first, yet never runs out of power. Including an energy armor piece allows you to take down Daazen with ease. I've take out main bases at 600+% health, 25 enemies loading 9 at a time and still don't die. Impossible rated fights can be handled with up to 5 enemies at once depending upon the ship combinations. The one and only drawback to this ship are those heavy tracking missiles that the new Unknown ships use which can wax you, but only if their level is at least 2x your current level. Otherwise, they are still not too much of an issue. Plus, the ship naturally regens. Spam the black hole generator and it's all she wrote for PvE kills.

The Bite - Unmaker Omega. This model of a Scout MK2 is the epitome of agility. Equipped with a targeted, hard hitting Pulse Cannon M2, a Large Repair Bot and enough inertial stabilizers to minimize the weight and maximize the speed, this lonely hunter is capable of taking down entire Capital Ships on it's own.

Oracle high attack - This use Tachyon Beam long range and fast reload. For defence use cloaking system, damage 140% ,means the same as double Tachyon Beam + and filled within five seconds. This for fun

Kamikaze Pilot - dudephat. It is essentially just a very fast Scout, stripped of all weaponry and fitted with a Quantum Detonator. Although using the medium sized Fusion Drive makes it's maneuverability a little weak in comparison to it's speed, it won't matter too much with the earlier enemies. It's self-detonation is not as powerful as Egg's default explosion power, but is a lot faster than default Egg. Later in the game, you can use larger ships if you wish.

Sauron - PhillipMacGregor. The Oblivion equipped with a warp drive, two Glaive M3 satellites and two additional heavy quantum torpedos. It also has two drones (of your choice, tested with the beam ones). Since its heaviness and therefore the slowness, the warp drive is the only way for it to move, it also has an ability to regenerate and extended defense for all three kinds of damage, so you can use asteroids, gravity and enemy fire for it to move. The drone bays seem to be unnecessary, but they provide i good amount of distraction for quantum torpedos to wreak some havoc. It's the ultimate weapon against Taraniak including the double-veteran Kraken and the black hole Tarantula as the gravity provides it (and its torpedos) great amount of precious speed and black hole can be easily dodged by warp drive. And, it's my first ship I've inflicted 1k damage with :)

Siege Beholder - Obliterdeath: *After suffering several defeats by the hands of enemies with twice the level of my ships and heavy missile launcher M2s (due to my fast ships being too weak to survive a hit, and my heavier ships being too slow to close the distance), I realized I needed faster ships that can still take a beating, and while still angry, and annoyed, I resigned 3 ships that had not seen use in a long time. The Siege Beholder gets its name from its amazing ability to withstand long fights; fast, stealthed, heavily armored, and armed with two Vampiric Rays, and a Small Repair Ray. The Siege Beholder was designed for one-on-one engagements; Stealth field to help close the distance, and Vampiric Rays to restore health while attacking, but that's not all, by activating the Small Repair Ray while facing the direction your ship is moving, you regenerate three times faster than a normal living ship, at the cost of energy, and exposing yourself to enemy sight. (like the rest of my ships, it does not use afterburners, as mobility should always remain constant in battle)

Easter Itself - Arraka Arkana: I had my Easter Egg equipped with 2 automated reloaders, 6 light titanium armors, 2 titanium armors, an energy intensifier, an antimatter reactor, 2 small nuclear reactors, a firework cannon, an aiming unit, 2 inertial stabilizers, a large fusion drive, a fusion drive, and 2 small fuel tanks. It now has a base of 150 hitpoints, a weight of 450, a movement speed of 14.4 and a turning speed of 6.6. This ship 1shots most Capital ships I've come across and can take quite a beating as well. Sadly, I lost the save and have no pictures of the loadout. But if you can attempt this, I would definitely suggest it.

Solar Vanisher Earlanosaurus - This ship is slow but don't laugh yet because this guy aims fast to shoot using a fast recharging BHG to drag you to stop or point blank while spamming tons of heavy quantum torpedoes to destroy you while being sucked to the black hole leaving a lethal move. Not only that it is range dangerous but it can duplicate to help the main ship to destroy enemy ships.

Hurricane Earlanosaurus (my main ship) - Ok so, this guy is lowly armored by energy absorbers but boy oh boy this guys moves seriously fast with no joke. It shoots using Heavy Lightning Cannon with Auto Reloader M2s to make this a literal nimbus cloud while it's speed is assisted by afterburners making this a literal storm rider. Since it uses Energy Absorber armor, it will add energy to the ship (if the type of weapon is used are energy type) to fire more or escape to repair with a Repair Bot to get in battle back.

The Yeti Earlanosaurus - The most unexpected ship I made. This guy can move regularly with the Breaking System to slow down and stop the ship for long lasting Stalker Missiles to follow the ship for a long periods of time with an Heavy Ion Cannon that fires fast with an Area of Effect to destroy enemy ships and drones and Targeting Unit to aim to the enemy. This has an afterburner to scarily move around the ship, escape from the ship, ram to a ship, or stalking a ship. This ship is both scary in point-blank or farther range.