Faction Veniri
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 27.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1100/550
Workshop Level 20
Crafting Cost 15,125

The Dart is a new ship added in 0.12.3 and is the second Destroyer of Veniri faction.

For player use, this ship can equip many High Energy Focus and Automated Reloaders to become a very powerful (and fast) gunship.


  • Non-veterans are armed with two Mass Drivers and an Afterburner. They are lightly armoured, and will attempt to strafe run you using the Mass Drivers, however they carry a high amount of Impact Armor giving them over 82% Kinetic damage reduction, and making them a bad idea to get close to.
  • Veterans use two Pulse Cannon M2s, an Afterburner and a Breaking System. They will attempt to fight at medium range by boosting and will almost always brake to fire at you. This makes them relatively easier to hit compared to non veterans. They also trade their Kinetic damage reduction for more hp. The AI-only Inertial Nullifier allows them to accelerate faster with Afterburner so they can dodge shots, thus it is not advised to use slow projectile weapons against them.