Drone layout
Faction Taraniak
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 12.00
Base/Minimum Weight 480/240
Workshop Level 8
Crafting Cost 2,880

Not to be confused with Drones ship modules.

As with other Taraniak ships, The Drone (see also Drone MK2) is a living ship, with a repair rate of 1%.

For player use it's advised to use quad Small Lightning Cannon M3s. Minimum weight is a must as there's a lack of engines. It can also be used as a Quantum Detonator carrier, filled with nanofibers or inertial dampers for greater speed.

Unlike it's MK2 counterpart, it can equip a Stealth Field, as well as a Anti Matter Reactor. Coupled with Barrel M1 satellites makes it an effective "sneak-n-stab" ship, considering it's size.


All variants of Drone are equipped with the Taraniak signature Warp Drive and have low speed.

The Drone is a close range brawler that warps directly in front of (or near) the player's ship and attacks with its Small Lightning Cannon M2s before warping back to safe distance. It can dodge oncoming attacks by warping away. It is strenuous to kill as it constantly warps and has regeneration.

An effective strategy to counter it is using a ship with high DPS (Damage Per Second) as the Drone usually ends up in front of the player's ship while warping. It can be slain in 2-3 phases. Note that, due to the teleporting feature of the Drone, slow ships will be hard to escape one (Unless using an afterburner). Therefore, a high turn rate will be useful as Drones often tend to teleport behind the player's ship.

Another strategy is to shoot it with high RoF weapons. As it tends to warp when being attacked, when heading toward the player it will warp into the line of fire instead, netting several shots.

  • Non-veterans are armed with two Small Lightning Cannon M2s and a Warp Drive.
  • Veterans have improve stats but are globally the same.