M11 Edit

Drone M11 layout

M11s are Veniri's drones. They use hit-and-run tactics with their Small Pulse Cannon. Currently the drones with highest forward speed.

Accuracy: High, depends on drone speed:enemy speed ratio.

Damage: Average (Kinetic)

Range: Medium

Weapon: Small Pulse Cannon

M21 Edit

Drone M21 Layout

M21 are the Bushrak's first type of drone. They use a Small Laser Beam, and they have the second highest DPS of all Non AI-only drones. Their small fuel reserve however, lower their DPS in actual combat.

Accuracy: Perfect, cannot hit slow targets at sufficiently very high drone speeds.

Damage: Very High (Heat)

Range: Short

Weapon: Small Laser Beam

M22 Edit

Drone M22 Layout

M22 drones are the Bushrak's second type of drone. They use Small Stasis Field to stun targets.

Accuracy: Average-low, better accuracy against slow, and very fast targets with low turn rate (Like enemies with afterburners).

Damage: Very low (Energy)

Range: Medium

Weapon: Small Stasis Field

Special: Paralyzes enemies.

M31 Edit

Drone M31 Layout

M31 are Korerans' drones. They have the best damage per shot of all Non AI-only drones, and the longest range. Also has area-of-effect that allows it to damage multiple, very close targets, as well as penetrate targets with a Frontal Energy Shield.

Accuracy: Low. Effective against slow targets. Better with increase in drone speed.

Damage: Very high (Energy)

Range: Long

Weapon: Small Proton Torpedo

M41 Edit

Drone M41 Layout

M41 are Taraniak's drones. They have short range, but high damage per shot with a Small Lightning Cannon. When they die, they release a small cloud of No-type damage gas, damaging enemies caught in it.

Accuracy: Good, Unimpressive against fast moving ships

Damage: Medium (Energy)

Range: Short

Special: Drone regenerates its HP over time, and release noxious gas upon death

Weapon: Small Lightning Cannon

M51 Edit

Drone M51 Layout

M51 are the Sayjix's first type of drones. They attack at short range with a Small Plasma Cannon. Armor fuel allow them to attack for long period of time to compensate their weapon's low acurracy. Their DPS are biggest among Non AI-only drones.

Accuracy: Average-low; High rate of fire, but a wide firing arc. More effective against bigger targets and with increase in drone speed.

Damage: Very high (Heat)

Range: Short-Medium

Weapon: Small Plasma Cannon

M54 Edit

Drone M54 Layout

M54 are the Sayjix's second type of drones. They attack at moderately long range with a Small Missile Launcher. They also inflict area-of-effect explosions which can penetrate Frontal Energy Shields.

Accuracy: Average-high. However their missiles can be fooled by ECM Jammer flares.

Damage: High (Heat)

Range: Medium-long

Weapon: Small Missile Launcher

M81 Edit

Small drone bay m81
Drone M81 Layout

M81 are Unknown faction drones. They are similar to the M21, with less damage, but they can heal their mother ship with their Small Repair Beam.

Accuracy: Perfect, just like M21.

Damage: Average (Energy)

Range: Short

Weapon: Small Repair Ray

Special: Heal their mother ship, improved with +drone damage.

A1 Edit

Drone A1 Layout

A1 are Daazen's drones. They are similar to the M21 drones, but use a Small Energy Siphon to drain the energy of the enemy.

Accuracy: Perfect, weapon sticks to the enemy once in contact.

Damage: Very low (Energy)

Range: Short

Weapon: Small Energy Siphon

Special: Drain the enemy's energy, improved with +drone damage.

M91 Edit

AI Drone Bay 2
Drone M91 Layout

Usually refered to as Imperial Drone, M91 are AI-exclusive drones of The Empire, use only by the Double Veteran Dreadnought. They have very large hull compare to other drones, even surpass some Frigates, capable of equipping Anti-Matter Reactor and Large Nuclear Drive. They are armed with two weapons, a Rocket Launcher M2 for ranged offense and a very high healing rate Repair Ray exclusive to these drones to repair their mothership. By far the most dangerous drones, especially at close range, due to the Repair Ray's high DPS.

Accuracy: Average with Rocker Launcher M2; Perfect with Repair Ray

Damage: High with Rocket Launcher M2(Heat); Very High with Repair Ray(Energy)

Range: Long with Rocket Launcher M2; Medium with Repair Ray

Weapon: Rocket Launcher M2 and Repair Ray

Special: Heal their mother ship

Drone Santa Edit

Santa Drone build

Used by the Double veteran Santa Claus Capital Ship, these drones are fast, powerful and have a rather large amount of health too, they use the same Large Lightning Cannon as the Kraken X and XX, making them extremely dangerous. Luckily, from the 2018 Christmas update by spending Snowflakes you can earn plans of bays for these powerful drones!

Accuracy: Really good

Damage: Really high(Energy)

Range: Medium-long

Weapon: Large Lightning Cannon

Drone Stats: Edit

Hit Points Energy Recharge Velocity Turn Rate Weight Size
M11 3.50 1.00 2.10 7.29 7.29 240 7
M21 6.50 1.00 2.10 6.12 6.12 240 5
M22 5.50 6.00 4.10 6.12 6.12 340 7
M31 3.50 6.00 3.10 4.52 20.00 400 7
M41 4.50(living) 6.00 2.10 6.12 6.12 240 5
M51 6.50 6.00 2.10 5.88 5.88 260 5
M54 4.50 6.00 2.10 6.12 6.12 240 5
M81 3.50 6.00 3.10 4.52 20.00 400 7
A1 5.50 11.00 2.10 6.04 6.04 350 7
M91 45.50 51.00 23.10 6.05 9.07 1500 27
Santa 14.00 49.00 23.10 10.65 15.97 450 28

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