Embryo layout
Faction Jurgans
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 12.50
Base/Minimum Weight 500/250
Workshop Level 8
Crafting Cost 3,125

The Embryo (See: Embryo Mk2) is a living ship and a Frigate aligned to the Jurgans faction.

For player use, it is advised to not bother with it. The poor weapon-mount angles make this ship much less effective than other frigate counterparts. If a player wishes to use the ship nonetheless, ideally it should be equipped with Potato M1 satellites and Small Missile Launchers.


All variants are painfully slow, squishy and harmless. It is safe to say that the Embryo is, by far, the easiest ship to deal with. They use Mass Drivers as their main source of damage and propulsion.

  • Non-veterans Embryos are very slow, however, as they either get hit and/or fire then they will speed up and it is recommended to take distance from them until they slow down. Chasing them and you might take more hits from their Mass Drivers.
  • Veterans are the same as the normal variant, but turn much faster and have more fuel for more shots.