Energy Shield

The Energy Shield

The Energy Shield is a defensive module found in the Bushrak, an upgraded version of Frontal Energy Shield. While activated, The Energy Shield generates a protective green bubble covering the whole ship, blocking all incoming attack from every direction until deactivation or the energy pool is depleted.


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Detailed statistics for the Energy Shield

The Energy Shield takes up 7 green slots in a 3x3 H-shape.

Energy Consumption* Ship size ÷ 4
Weight 210

*Larger ships consume more energy. i.e, the Nemesis has 90 slots in total, which means the energy shield costs 22.5 (90 ÷ 4 = 22.5) for the Nemesis.


The Energy Shield is a powerful defensive module that blocks all incoming attack from every direction, damage taken will reduce energy supply instead of hit points. Damage from ramming, all missiles*, all torpedoes**, anti-matter bombs, ion cannon M2 and black hole generator does not reduce energy supply at all, making the ship immune to these weapons unless the shield was wear down by other weapons. However, any damage taken will cease the energy regeneration. Improve the mobility allows the ship to escape from enemies firing range and replenish energy supply.

*Except for Heavy Missile Launcher M3 and M4

**Except for EMP torpedos

Pros and ConsEdit

Pros Cons
Immunity to vast amount of weapons High energy cost
Unlimited durability as long as the shield does not broke A burst of damage will disable the ship for a second
Available for most ships -


The Nemesis with energy shield on

The Nemesis with energy shield on