The Energy Siphon

The Energy Siphon

The Energy Siphon is an energy weapon found in the Daazen tech tree that has a unique ability to drain the energy supply of the enemy. The Energy Siphon is a medium-ranged beam type weapon that fires a persistent purple lightning bolt, the ray locks onto an enemy once it makes contact.

Details Edit

Energy Siphon Detail

Detailed statistics for the Energy Siphon

The Energy Siphon takes up two L weapon slots in a 1x2 rectangle.

Damage 1 per second (Energy)
Energy Consumption 5 per second
Reload Time -
Range 10
Velocity -
Impulse (Recoil and force exerted on target) -
Weight 100


The Energy Siphon is very effective at reducing threat in close quarter combat. It can reduce the energy supply the enemy can use to attack. If you managed to completely deplete the energy supply, the enemy is disabled and vulnerable until you stop attacking it with the energy siphon. Multiple energy siphons can drain energy much faster, high energy focus also enhance the energy drain ability. Make note however, that the amount of energy drained from the enemy is not added to your own energy reserves.

However, the energy siphon does very few damage itself, thus must combine with other weapons to make the ship viable in battle. Fusion beam and vampiric ray can make a good combination since they share the exact same range and the beam property. Another viable combination is to use tractor beam to prevent the enemy from escaping so that you can keep on disabling it and attack with other weapons.

The Energy Siphon drains energy at the rate of 10/sec without enhancements.

Pros and ConsEdit

Pros Cons

Energy drain ability

Extremely Low DPS
Beam locking property Short range
Takes up very few slots -

Gallery Edit

A wormship firing the energy siphon

A wormship firing the energy siphon