Event Horizon
Faction Special
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 125
Base/Minimum Weight 960
Workshop Level N/A
Crafting Cost N/A
Star Ingredient(s) N/A

The Event Horizon is the player's mothership in Event Horizon. It stores all of player's modules, ships and fuel.

At the start, it can carry up to one hundred units of fuel, (upgradable to six hundred via skills) and have three ships in the hangar (upgradable to twelve via skills). It can always carry a limitless amount of ships, modules, and misc items.

To fight in this ship you need to empty your fleet, and go into a battle. When you enter the Event Horizon will be your only ship. It moves quite slow, and has no weaponry to speak of, so you will almost invariably be defeated. It has twelve blue slots, four yellow slots, no weapon slots and thirty-two green slots. These slots are not normally acessible.

Traveling and exploration Edit

  • The Event Horizon needs fuel to move through space. One unit of fuel is consumed for every light year you fly. If you encounter enemies, the Event Horizon will deploy the ships in its hangar to fight them off.


It shares similarities with a number of  other ships in the game, taking its shuttle-like design from the Freighter amd the Merchant Ship, while the protrusions on its sides are reminiscent of the Probe .

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