Faction Veniri
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 40.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1620/810
Workshop Level 40
Crafting Cost 32,805
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Battleship of Veniri faction, Excalibur is a heavy gunship, capable of firing walls of projectiles to counter missiles and hit small and/or fast targets.

A gunship with long-range secondary could look something like this: 2 Dart M3 satellites each with a Targeting Unit, Railgun and Pulse Cannon M2. The ship would have 4 Targeting Unit assisted Pulse Cannon M2s, 2 Anti-Matter Reactors and a choice of 4 2x2 green modules.

With its 1x4 weapon slots this is one of very, very few ships that can equip Railguns on itself, and possibly the only one that has them in a spread-out pattern for wide broadsides which makes it easier to get hits. If you give it two Dart M3 Satellites and then fill it and the satellites with Railguns, as well as enough energy equipment to afford the energy cost of a full salvo plus decent regeneration (which will require you to remove the drone bay), you now have an ultra-lethal sniper. Very few weapons can reach the 40 range of a Railgun, and they do a massive 20 damage per shot. It definitely takes practice to properly aim salvos at max range especially if you're playing on a small cellphone screen, but if you can master it you have a ship that can put catastrophic damage on a ship from a massive range in a fraction of a second. Only ships with shields or anti-kinetic armor will cause a problem. The built-in TU upgrade will also help a lot with Railgun setup. One particularly effective setup is Dart M3s with Railguns and a TU, both paired to a separate firing button from the main 4 railguns on the Excalibur. This gives you a strong 4-railgun broadside and a backup aimed railgun pair for faster harder targets, or to cycle while the main Railgun set is on firing cooldown. For engines stick with Nuclear drives; given the range of Railguns you'll need turning speed for aiming more than forward motion.


All variants move slowly but have a good amount of armor. The slow speed coupled with front-firing guns means flanking is a sure way to win as long as you can ignore the drone damage.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with 4 Pulse Cannons and 2 M11 (Small Pulse Cannon) Drones. The lack of Drone Factory means the drones cannot be respawn once killed.
  • Veterans retain the 2 drones, gain a Drone Factory to respawn the drones and upgrade weapons to 4 Pulse Cannon M2s. While stronger than Pulse Cannons, the energy cost means they can't sustain fire for very long.
  • Double Veterans lose their M11 drones and gain a Repair Bot. Weapons are switched back to 4 Pulse Cannons, however they gain an Energy Shield, capable of blocking damage at the cost of energy.