This is a list of known current or fixed exploits/bugs. 


Drag Glitch: When moving modules onto a ship, sometimes the module will get stuck on the screen. Exiting and re-entering the ship customization screen should fix this.

More than one active module:Edit

  1. Go to a living ship, like the Tarantula.
  2. And drop the repair robot with the new drag and drop system 0.13.1. (As you know the repair robot doesnt work in organic ships).
  3. Now to you can have more than one of an active item, such as an afturburner. It is not known whether they all worked or not.


Re-rolling Crafts:Edit

  1. Save the game at a workshop of choice.
  2. Craftsuperior items until you find the one you are looking for. Note on which craft you got this item.
  3. Re-load the save. Then craft (X-1)*2 of the item's common quality. X being the number of the craft that go you the desired item.