Exploration was added in 0.10.0 which allowed you to land on a planet and scavenge for resources and blueprints. The player controlled a rover the same way they controlled spaceships, combating drones. This implied it was a smaller scale.

As of version 0.12, exploration has been simplified down to scanning, and all planets are now scan-able.

In 0.13.0 the exploration vehicle returned as the Scavenger, however the scanning system remains in place.

Basics Edit

To begin an exploration you can go to any solar system, select a planet, and select the Explore option. This requires a fixed sum of credits. The scan has a chance of succeeding which is shown and can be increased through leveling in the skill tree.

The process can be repeated with diminishing success chance and cost increases. Each scan takes precisely five seconds.

Planets Edit

Exploration results vary based on the planet it is performed on.

  • Gas Planets: Provides fuel, and occasionally stars or blueprints.
  • Terran Planets: Provides toxic waste and scraps. Rarely provides modules, blueprints, stars, and alien technology.
  • Barren Planets: Provides minerals, scraps and occasionally stars. Very Rarely provides blueprints based on faction territory.

Special Modules Edit

All but one faction have special modules or ships that aren't unlocked using Alien Technology but rather with blueprints, from planets in the respective faction territory. Currently the only way to craft unaligned ships.

Faction Module
Free Stars Egg, Crab, Eden, Viper, Scavenger, Gladius, Tyrant
Veniri Heavy Pulse Cannon, Large Drone Navigation System, Large Drone Bay M11
Bushrak Large Drone Bay M22, Large Drone Bay M21, Large Drone Defense booster
Koreran EMP Torpedo, Large Drone Factory, Large Drone Bay M31
Taraniak Heavy Anti-Matter bomb M2, Large Drone Speed booster, Large Drone Bay M41
Sayjix Large Drone Damage Booster, LArge Drone Bay M51, LArge Drone bay M54
Jurgan Heavy Laser Beam M2
Zumbalari N/A
Neganari Singularity Cannon, Machine Gun
Daazen Large Drone Bay A1
Unknown Large Drone Bay M81
Empire Heavy EMP Torpedo