Event Horizon has thirteen factions, each with their own unique ships. Each faction follows a certain theme, be it in armament or ship design.

Free Stars / Unaligned Edit

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You are aligned to this "faction".

Free Star / Unaligned ships have many variations but are mostly consisted of event ships, ships that are throwbacks to previous versions such as the Scavenger, or are ships that are awaiting to be assigned to a new faction.

They use weapons from all factions, and have various fighting styles.


Veniri star

Veniri ships have a winged design with a greenish gray color, and most favor pulse weapons.

Players start a new game with one Scout ship that belongs to this faction.

The Veniri tend to be the most straightforward faction to fight. Their larger ships favor direct assaults with heavy firepower, while their scouts use hit and run tactics.


Bushrak star

Bushrak ships favor heat weapons such as missiles and lasers, and their ships are predominantly red in color.

Players start a new game with one Spectrum ship that belongs to this faction.

The larger Bushrak ships tend to avoid direct combat, hanging back and using missiles to pelt at distant opponents. The smaller ones will get closer to use beam weapons or short ranged missiles.


Korerans star

Koreran ships share an aesthetic with the Veniri faction, but favor torpedoes over pulse weapons. This faction also likes drones for its high tier ships like its boss.

Players start a new game with one Raven ship that belongs to this faction.

Koreran ships will unleash torpedo barrages at anything in range before attempting to retreat. The larger ships are accompanied by Torpedo Drones


Taraniak star

Taraniak ships are organic with a pincer design. They use a warp drive to jump short distances and whittle down opponents with lightning weapons.

The Taraniak are easily the most obnoxious faction to fight, as they will constantly use their warp drives to teleport away from attacks. Their drone units and all of their veteran units use this drive. Fortunately, they will teleport automatically when you fire near them, even if doing so will teleport them into your weapons fire instead of away from it. They are one of the two factions with living ships, being able to regenerate lost hit points without the use of repair bots, giving them an edge over others.

Their basic weapon revolve around the use of lightning based weapons, but veterans (especially Tarantula which uses variety of other weapons) and higher grade ones shows other type of weapons too.


Sayjix star

Sayjix ships are shaped like flying saucers. Though they use a wide variety of weapons, their larger ships are notable for their impeccable accuracy, able to fire in any direction and track your ships flawlessly. Most of their ships have drones equipped, but these do little damage, just the rocket drones are a pain.

Sayjix ships will try to stay within weapons range, as their accuracy lets them do a lot of damage. They are best killed quickly. When possible, drop flares as their weapons sometimes aim for these.


Jurgans star

Jurgan ships are pod-like in design. With the exception of the Beholder, they are universally slow. All ships are well armed. The lighter ships supplement their speed with rear-mounted mass drivers, using the recoil to propel themselves away from their foes while simultaneously firing upon them. Their ships belong in the living ship category being able to replenish their lost health points passively although this is counteracted by the fact that they can't equip repair bots, one strategy to counter this is to use continuous damage weaponry such as the L-weapons and the acid cannon.

This is one of the easiest factions to fight, as they have trouble retaliating against faster ships or distant attacks. Still, care should be taken not to stay within their weapons range for too long.


Zumbalari star

Zumbalari ships have a uniform brown coloring. They are typically fast and well armed, but with thinner armor. It is worth noting that every single one of their non boss ships use short to medium range weapons.

Zumbalari ships favor hit and run tactics.


Neganari star

Neganari ships have a pointy, bone-like design. With the exception of the Spike, they feature side-mounted weapon ports which can equip nearly any type of weapon. Like the Zumbalari, they trade armor for speed. They are essentially Veniri but with a better variety of weapons. They are fast and annoying, with the exception of the Freighter.

Due to their weapon placement, most Neganari ships will try to strafe opponents.


Daazen star

The Daazen use gray ships with powerful weapons. Their various ray weapons can lock onto a target and follow it anywhere, even behind the ship. They also use the powerful Black Hole Generator, a torpedo that creates a temporary black hole. Unlike the other factions, their ships also appear at abandoned stations.

Daazen ships have a wide variety of strategies, appropriate to their loadouts.


Unknown star

The Violet faction. The Unknown ships have barrel-like designs. They have unique charging weapons that increase in damage, range or area-of-effect depending on the time of charging.

They usually try and avoid you until their weapon is fully charged, but will fire at you no matter the charge if you get too close.

The EmpireEdit

Empire Star

The Empire is a powerful faction that appear past 100 LY. They use plasma webs, rockets and ion cannons in their incredibly varied ships. 

Imperial ships are unpredictable and vary substantially, meaning if fighting them you should be ready to counter anything thrown at you- should it be webs, missiles, or a swarm of drones. Most of their attacks are almost impossible to dodge so its best to out range them with weapons like missiles and railguns.

They usually favor a slow hit run tactics, and brute DPS head-ons.

The SwarmEdit

Swarm Star

The Swarm is an incredibly powerful, albeit rare faction comprised of the two Wormships, Bug and Crab.

They prefer, appropriate to their name, swarm tactics, with their ships preferring to charge at you, relying on health, speed, overwhelming firepower, or some combination thereof to ensure survival. The smaller vessels will typically start circling after their preliminary charge, while the Capital ship will most likely kill you by the time it gets to point-blank, so it is unknown what it would do next.

The Syndicate Edit

The Syndicate uses hybrid ships using C and M weapons on each side, larger in every ship from frigate to capital. They also use Heavy Railgun which is just heavier, bigger and more powerful version of railgun, and stalker missiles, which are bigger and have less damage than HMLM2, however they have over 6 times larger range.