Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 36.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1400/700
Workshop Level N/A
Crafting Cost N/A

The Falcon is unique in that it can only be acquired through an IAP worth the equivalent of 10$ USD. In addition, it's one of few the non-Capital Ships to lack a Splash Screen.

It can only be battled rarely on gauntlet matches.

For player use the Falcon is very flexible as it has universal weapon slots and the chassis is mainly half green/blue slots. It's worth noting this is currently one of the 3 ships that can directly mount a Targeting Unit-assisted Heavy Proton Torpedo or the heavy anti-matter torpedo, the others being the Object 117 and the Scavenger.

It is recommended to have built-in TU upgrade so all weapon slots can be ultilize. Plasma Throwers, Tachyon Beam, Heavy Anti-Matter Torpedo and Heavy Ion Cannon are some of the high damage weapons this ship can be armed with.


  • Non-veterans are equipped with a Targeting Unit-assisted Heavy Proton Torpedo and a Pulse Multi-cannon. They aren't much of a threat against very long ranged ships.
  • Veterans do not exist.