Faction Neganari
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 66.50
Base/Minimum Weight 2660/1330
Workshop Level 45
Crafting Cost 88,445
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Freighter is the Battleship of the Neganari faction, and the heaviest non-Capital Ship. It is unique in that it's one of the few ships not to fire forward. Instead it shoots to the port(left-hand) side.

For player use, as with how the AI uses it, this makes for a good early-game carrier. Its weapon slots are not very effective, and it is advised to use satellites for mounting weapons to complement the weakness or further improve the drones.

One of the nastiest options is to use all Stasis Drones. Once one hits an enemy they all will, keeping it permanently locked in place until destroyed.

The large hull with a lot of blue slots also allows it to become a heavily armored torpedo gunship, with the assistance of Barrel satelites to reach high speed. As Targeting Unit now works with side weapons, accuracy won't be much of a problem.


The Freighter is a brick: slow and not very maneuverable but has lots of armor. Like some other Neganari ships, it shoots at a 90° angle instead of forward. It's worth noting that this has no Repair Bot.

  • Non-veterans are only armed with 3 Proton Torpedoes. These are very easy enemies as it's a matter of circling them or firing from further away.
  • Veterans are even more heavily armored and change their weapons to 3 TU-assisted Drone Capture Systems. More worrisome is the 6 powerful M11 drones it carries that respawn in 1 second.
    • A gunship is one of the better counters as it can mow down drones and doesn't need to worry about targeting like missiles. Any fast forward-firing ship can take this out by luring the drones away and rushing back to hit the unarmed side. Keep in mind destroying drones is just a waste of time here.
    • Using drones againts them is not advised as the Drone Capture Systems will help them gaining more drones.