Frigates are the smallest piloted ships of a faction and can usually only equip M1 Satellites. There are twenty-three Frigates in total, the most of any ship class!

The player starts out with three frigates; Raven, Scout, and Spectrum.

See Destroyers for the next size of ship class

List of FrigatesEdit

Veniri Scout Scout Mk2
Bushrak Spectrum Spectrum Mk2
Korerans Raven Raven Mk2
Taraniak Drone Drone Mk2
Sayjix Messenger Messenger Mk2
Jurgans Embryo Embryo Mk2
Zumbalari Interceptor Interceptor Mk2
Neganari Spike Spike Mk2
Daazen Leech
Unknown Object 34
The Empire ISS Corvette
The Syndicate Goblin
Unaligned Egg Meteor Easter Egg