Fuel Cells are one of the basic modules in Event Horizon, allowing ships to increase their energy capacity.

Fuel Cells types Edit

Normal Cells Edit

Those are basic cells, found on the Free Stars tech tree. They can be placed anywhere in the ship.

All sizes weigh 20/module slot

  • Small Fuel Cells - 1x1, 4 energy
  • Fuel Cells - 2x2, 24 energy
  • Large Fuel Cells - 3x3, 63 energy

Armored Fuel Cells Edit

Armored fuel cells are found on the Korerans tech tree. Generally, they have same energy capacity as normal cells, half of titanium armor hp and 4x normal cells weight. They can be placed only on armor (blue) slots. They come very useful when there's a need of armor and energy capacity at once. Armored fuel cells, and large armored fuel cells require stars to craft