In Event Horizon you are the commander of an interstellar carrier. You start at a home base with a store and limited basic equipment, and three combat vessels loaded in the carrier. You need to explore other star systems on the map. As you do so you will fight aliens, encounter traders, even find faction bases that can give you new equipment and ships.

Ship configuration Edit

You have the option to configure the equipment of your loaded ships. The ship editor has a cell layout, with different types of cells accepting different types of modules. The shape of the modules also comes into play, with components ranging from a single Universal cell size to complicated T, H or + shapes and the like.

Combat Edit

In combat, you choose a ship to launch from your hangar. You then enter a top-down combat view similar to the Star Control series. You are pitted against a series of enemies, each one launched with a timer. The duration of the timer depends on level, starting at ninety seconds. If the timer expires, the next enemy is spawned and the timer resets, until ten enemies are on the battle field. Destroying an enemy will reset the timer. You can also call in extra enemies if there are still some in the enemy fleet by tapping the pause icon, then the Next Enemy button. In this case, you can have up to ten enemies on the field. If your current ship is destroyed, you can load another if available. You can also switch ships at any time, though switching takes several seconds, disables all active modules including cloak, stealth and leaves you vulnerable for the duration. Combat ends when either the enemy ships are exhausted or yours are. Upon victory, you get a reward based on the level and number of ships killed.

In addition to the enemy ships, each battlefield features asteroids as environmental hazards. These cause damage if you collide with them. Asteroids can be destroyed with sufficient fire or by a black hole. A clever pilot can use a mass driver weapon to push asteroids into enemy ships as well. At further lightyears their hp and damage increase and can even one shot low level ships if collided with.