Gladius unarm
Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 43.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1720/860
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 36,980
Star Ingredient(s) 1

Gladius is an Unaligned Battleship that share similarities with the Beholder. It can be bought at Smuggler Bases, repaired at Beacons or crafted after finding Blueprints from Exploration. This is one of the six non-Capital Ships able mount a Large Anti-Matter Reactor.

It along with the battleship variant of the Wormship are the only non-Capital Ships capable of mounting a Targeting Unit assisted Heavy Laser Beam M2 without the use of built-in upgrades.

For player use, high armor along with the HLBM2 and a LAMR pairs well with an Afterburner. Using Pot M3 satellites to increase reactor output along with a moderate amount of inertial dampers will keep turning speed at a reasonable level.


All types are dangerous up close however, they are easily flanked due to their low turning speed.

  • Non-veterans are armed with three Laser Cannons. These are very slow and can be flanked even with a slow ship.
  • Veterans do not exist.
  • Double Veterans are armed with a TU-assisted Heavy Laser Beam M2 and a Small Repair Bot. In addition, they have Small Energy Absorbers which give them over 60% Energy Resistance and Absorption, so energy-based weapons will have a hard time attacking them.