Goblin Layout
Faction The Syndicate
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 15.50
Base/Minimum Weight 620/310
Workshop Level 5
Crafting Cost 4805

The Goblin is the Syndicate Frigate capable of using rockets, missiles and a wide variety of C weapons

Event Horizon FrontierEdit


  • Non-Veterans are slow, with a Pulse Cannon and Rocket Launcher M2, and low armor.
  • Veterans have a Pulse Cannon M2 and Rocket Launcher M2, in addition to improved armor and vastly improved speed as compared to the Non-Veteran. Due to it's speed, the Veteran Goblin uses a hit and run tactic similar to that used by the Scout M2. A fast ship (or one with an Afterburner) or a laser based ship can take care of it easily.
  • Double Veterans do not exist.

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