Hatchet layout
Faction Neganari
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 27.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1100/550
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 15,125

The Hatchet is a Cruiser of Neganari, unusual in that it's one of the few ships that do not fire forward. Instead, it shoots at a 90° angle, to the right of its nose. It shares several characteristics with the same faction's Spike.

For player use, it can be a good gunship for guerrilla tactics, as long as you get used to the guns firing at starboard (right-hand) side. Built-in Targeting Unit will help with accuracy.


The Hatchet has fair armor and armaments. It usually attacks at medium range thus it is better to have some weapons with good range to battle it.

  • Non-veterans are armed with an Afterburner and three Mass Drivers. Both of them make it hard to stay near the enemy ship. Tractor beams, ranged weapons and/or Small Missile Launchers are highly advised. You're less likely to be hit if you are constantly mobile.
  • Veterans have one Mass Driver, one Neutron Blaster and one Pulse Cannon. In addition, they are equipped with an ECM Jammer (flares) and a Small Repair Bot. Compared to the former, these are much easier to combat as long as you are not using guided weapons.


Trivia Edit

  • It resembles a wood-cutting tool; a hatchet. Likely where it got it's name.
  • Though the C-weapons are placed at the right-side of the ship, they are placed outside and separately instead of inside of it.
  • As this ship places weapons on the side, it shares function with all the gunships like Lockheed AC-130 and others as it place sideways.
    • It is categorized either as military helicopter or aircraft.