ISS Galleon
Faction The Empire
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 55
Base/Minimum Weight 2200/1100
Workshop Level 85
Crafting Cost 60,500
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The third-heaviest Battleship, slightly lighter than the Freighter and Wormship. This is the only ship that can equip two Heavy EMP Torpedoes.

For player use, while slow it is capable of using an Afterburner and Titan drive. It is one of the six non-Capital Ships that can fit a large Antimatter Reactor. Utilizing a built-in Targeting Unit, copying the AI version by using dual Heavy EMP Torpedoes is devastating against Capital Ships, especially Oracles, Tartarus, and Kraken, and Starbases due to their sheer size. However it requires a high-DPS sidearm in conjuction.

Even though it's not as effective, equipping six Proton Torpedoes MK2s can be fun.

The ship shares some similarities with the Manticore and the Tyrant.


The Empire's Battleship is always fond of spamming T-type weapons, and should be taken down from afar. The best way to do so is with a Black Hole Generator or ranged weapons. It is a daunting enemy for new players and at later level can be very dangerous againts player's Capital Ships.

  • Non-veterans are slow and use six Proton Torpedoes.
  • Veterans are really deadly. The AI-only Inertial Nullifier makes them pretty fast, turn faster. They have a Warp Drive, two Heavy EMP Torpedoes, an ECM Jammer and a Small Repair Bot. It is advised to destroy them from afar as soon as possible or use fast ship to avoid the paralizing EMP blasts.


Trivia Edit

  • A Galleon is a large ship powered by wind, with multiple decks
  • It was originally called Imperial Battleship
  • Like all other Empire ships, with the excluding the Dreadnaught, its name starts with the abbreviation ISS, which likely stands for Imperial Space Ship.