The possibility to craft improved ships in workshop has been added in 0.13, note that the improved ships can't be used in the arena (yellow crossed swords)

Improved ships prices Edit

Craft Credits Stars Alien technology Workshop level Result
create a common quality item normal price (C1) normal price


zero base level


Normal ship
create an improved quality item C1 * 1.5 S1+5

if Capital Ship:

S1 *1.5+ 5

L1+10% Ship with

green name

create a superior quality item C1 * 2 (S1 +5) x 2

If Capital Ship:

S1 * 2+10

L1+20% Ship with



A ship with a green name will have one bonus, purpule ones will have 2, and golden ones have 3 bonuses.

Bonuses Edit

There are 5 types of bonuses:

  • Increased Kinetic resistance: it grants 33% of kinetic resistance
  • Increased Heat resistance: it grants 33% of heat resistance
  • Increased Energy resistance: it grants 33% of energy resistance
  • Extra equipment slots: it grants a certain amount of extra blue slots placed randomly on the ship
  • Built-in Auto Targeting System: it grants a -/+10° of targetting assist.
  • Ship Base Weight Reduced by 20%: it also reduce the minimum weight by 20%.

Note that ships that already have Built-in Auto Targeting System(such as Crab, Eden, Chronos, Doomstar) can't obtain a Built-in Auto Targeting System Bonus

Extra slots:

The number of extra slots given by upgrade depends on the base size of the ship. It can be calculated by:

  • Rounddown(Base size of the ship/20)+1
    • Example 1: Zephyr(base size 39) get 2 extra slots.
    • Example 2: Proxima(base size 60) get 4 extra slots.
    • Example 3: Oracle(base size 298) get 15 extra slots.