Interceptor Mk2
InterceptorMk2 layout
Faction Zumbalari
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 18.00
Base/Minimum Weight 720/360
Workshop Level 28
Crafting Cost 9,720
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Interceptor Mk2 is a larger variant of the Interceptor, aligned to the Zumbalari faction, but it has 2 more C-slots.

For player use, this makes for a very speedy ship. Using 2 Targeting Unit-assisted Pulse Multi-cannons is advised. Alternatively, dual built-in TU-assisted Railguns can let it output a lot of damage.


A medium armored ship with ECM Jammer and of medium speed, most weapon can deal with it well except drones and missiles.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with dual Neutron Blaster M2s and an ECM Jammer (Flares). These are rather simple enemies and shouldn't prove an issue.
  • Veterans have similar configuration as the Non-veterans, with more armor and speed.