Faction Veniri
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 28.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1120/560
Workshop Level 25
Crafting Cost 15,680

A Cruiser of Veniri faction, the Javelin is a gunship capable of putting out a wall of fire to counter missiles and hit small or fast targets.

Early on the Javelin will be very useful as its wide arc of fire helps before Targeting Units or Missiles are unlocked. Later on, this ship can be used as a boss hunter with 6-8 Pulse Multi-Cannons (2-4 on Satellites). Swapping in an Afterburner and Neutron Blasters on it and the Dart satellites causes it to become a very dangerous brawler and boss killer.

It's worth noting that the Javelin can use M3 satellites, and is one of the smallest and lightest ships capable of doing so.


All variants, for the most part, slower than your ships and can either be out-ranged or outmaneuvered with relative ease. Their weaponry are also focused for combating small and fast ships as they fire a spray of pulse cannon projectiles.

  • Non-veterans are straightforward, armed with a Frontal Energy Shield, 2 Small Pulse Cannon M2s and 2 Pulse Cannons.
  • Veterans retain their shield but upgrade the Small Pulse Cannon M2s so they're armed with a total of 4 Pulse Cannons.



  • The Javelin used to be one of the three initial ships a player would start with along with the Paladin and Scout.