Faction Taraniak
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Capital Ship
Base Hitpoints 111.00
Base/Minimum Weight 4890(4440+450)/2220
Workshop Level 177
Crafting Cost 739,260
Star Ingredient(s) 22

Kraken is the Capital Ship of Taraniak.

It is also a living ship, meaning it regenerates 1% HP/sec.

For player use, it's worth noting that the eight SL slots have a built in 180° targeting unit.

Equipping this with an Energy Siphon, Tractor Beam and SLCM3s can turn this into a deadly close-range killer. Although the third-fastest Capital Ship, Warp and Afterburner are needed due to short range and faster foes. Alternatively, one can use up to five Plasma Webs, or arm the center slot with a BHG.

Appearance Edit

Like the Tarantula, this Capital Ship looks like a spider. A green spider to be exact. Don't go messing with this specific spider though, it will kick your ship back into your hangar!


As all variants have the very damaging Heavy Anti-matter Bomb M2, fighting at very close range is a suicide.

  • Non-veterans are armed only with extra two Fusion Beams. They don't have a Warp Drive, making this variant very, very easy to defeat.
  • Veterans are armed with a Heavy Anti-matter Bomb M2, two AI-only Heavy Lightning Cannons and an AI-only Heavy Stasis Field. It is worth noting that the weapon slot where the Heavy Stasis Field is equipped has a 180° arc with built-in TU. They are also equipped with a Warp Drive. Fast ships with long range and high DPS can kill one easily. Two AI-only Drone drones are equipped , however they are easy to dodge since they are slow and don't use their Warp Drive.
  • Double Veterans have the same weapons as the Veterans, but swap the Warp Drive with an AI-only Green Warp Drive that has double range. Not only that, but they also have AI-only Inertial Nullifiers which give them high turn rate, some High Energy Focus modules, a Stealth Field and some Energy Absorbers(over 39% Energy Resistance). Once in range, they will warp right next to you, detonate the bomb in rapid succession while stinging you with Heavy Lightning Cannons and Heavy Stasis Field, dealing huge damage. Afterburner-equipped ships with torpedoes, Railguns or long ranged laser/beam can kill one effectively.
    • As of 0.14, the Heavy Anti-matter Bomb M2 becomes a charging weapon, which will break the stealth whenever it charges along with Warp Drive, renders the Stealth Field on this variants completely useless.