Faction Sayjix
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 20.00
Base/Minimum Weight 800/400
Workshop Level 18
Crafting Cost 8,000
The Kryptoria is the Destroyer of Sayjix faction. It is the lightest of the saucers and has a 1x2 L-weapon slot with a 360° firing arc.

For player use, arming the omnidirectional slots with a Small Stasis Field to hold enemies in place while dealing damage with weapons on the satellites is an option. Alternatively, the L-slot can be armed with a Small Repair Ray to remove the need for a Repair Bot.


The Kryptoria uses a Small Laser Beam M2 to deal continuous damage in close range.

  • Non-veterans use only Small Laser Beam M2 for damage. These are fairly fast but the weapon has short range, meaning that they can be safely taken out at a distance.
  • Veterans retain the same Small Laser Beam M2 but have an upgrade in mobility and an ECM Jammer. Guided weapons have lower effectiveness against them. They have a high speed when no satellites are attached to them, which allows them to dodge fire while attacking with the omnidirectional laser beam. A high turn rate ship is usually a better option against them as they tend to circle around when firing.