Leech layout
Faction Daazen
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 19.50
Base/Minimum Weight 780/390
Workshop Level 10
Crafting Cost 7,605

The Leech (See Leech Mk2) is the Frigate of the Daazen.

For player use, one should take advantage of the high speed this ship can reach and use Fusion Beams or Vampiric Rays. In the late-game this is by far the most powerful Frigate for player use, able to equip dual built-in TU-assisted Small Tachyon Beams.


Both variants are agile but have low health, Small Missile Launchers counter them with ease.

  • Non-veterans are armed with dual Small Laser M2s. In addition they're equipped with a Stealth Field. These are fairly simple enemies and will fall quickly to anything but weapons of very low velocity. Keep in mind the Stealth Field will keep them invisible until hit or in range of their guns so long-range attacks will likely miss.
  • Veterans are armed with dual AI-only Vampiric Ray M2s and are significantly faster than their non-veteran counterparts. These high-power health leeching weapon allows them to compensate for their low armor. It's advised to destroy them in a burst of damage.