Leech Mk2
Leech Mk2
Faction Daazen
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 28.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1140/570
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 32,490
Star Ingredient(s) 3

The Leech Mk2 is a Destroyer of the Daazen faction. It is the improved version of the Leech with the addition of S-slots for extra weapons.

For player use, it is one of few ships capable of mounting a Black Hole Generator and an Afterburner. Another build could consist of making it the lightest as possible, adding two Barrel M2 satellites, and having a minimum energy pool of fifty to turn it into a fast black hole generator ship with two Small Tachyon Beams. However it is advised to pick either BHG or two Small Tachyon Beams, as the ship's small hull means that it won't have enough fuel and armor to operate properly should both be chosen. When using a BHG build, one can install Small Repair Rays on L-slots to replace a Repair Bot.


While the Leech Mk2 is very fragile, it can output a lot of damage.

  • Non-veterans have a Heavy Anti-Matter Bomb and dual Fusion Beams. It's worth noting that these only move at a medium pace compared to most ships and are extremely slow compared to their veterans.
  • Veterans are equipped with a Black Hole Generator and two AI-only Vampiric Ray M2s. In addition, they have an Afterburner. These move extremely fast, regenerate health with their Vampiric Ray M2s, and deal heavy damage with the BHG. A Tractor Beam, an Afterburner, high speed tracking weapons, or missiles are advised against them. They are also very aggressive and tend to charge directly at you at the start to fire their BHG when your ship is close enough.