Faction Veniri
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Capital Ship
Base Hitpoints 113.50
Base/Minimum Weight 4540/2270
Workshop Level 140
Crafting Cost 772,935
Star Ingredient(s) 22

Leviathan is the Capital Ship of Veniri.

It has 2 1x5 C-type slots, which can only mount fewer weapons than the faction's two heavy ships. However, with many green and blue slots, its firepower and armor can be boosted to a level far exceeding those of them.

This is probably the first Capital Ship the player will build. It can be a decent drone carrier but is poor at actual gun based combat.

For gun based combat, dual TU-assisted Railguns with buff from High Energy Focus and Reloader will make it a strong heavily armored sniper.

Appearance Edit

This Capital Ship looks like how a normal airplane would. But instead of a tail, it just has a rounded end. The wings are also forward-swept(they face forward instead of backward).


  • Non-veterans are armed with dual Heavy Pulse Cannons, along with an Afterburner. Since its DPS is not very high, catching them with Afterburner or holding them in place with a Tractor Beam on heavy ships or with Stasis Fields will make defeating them quicker.
  • Veterans are equipped with dual long range AI-only Heavy Pulse Cannon M2s and a Point Defense System. They are also accompanied by a pair of swift Scout Mk2 drones. The Leviathan itself has low speed and turn rate and can only fire at the front, though its drones move quickly and fire accurately with their Pulse Cannon M2, making the use of light-armored ships difficult. A ship with high armor and DPS, but not missiles if attacking head-on, is an option to quickly defeat the Capital Ship and leave the drones alone.
  • Double Veterans have the same armament as the Veterans, but without the Point Defense System, though they have higher armor and reduced weight using AI-only Inertial Nullifiers, which make them move and turn like medium or light ships. The drones are also remained. Getting close to one is dangerous, but it is your only choice to damage and destroy it since long range attacks are easily dodged by this version. Railguns work too due to its great speed.