Living ship are the ships of the Jurgans and the Taraniak factions.

The Swarm's ships, oddly, arent all classed as living. The Crab, the factions cruiser, and its Capital Ship, the Wormship are living ships. Its Frigate, The Bug and its Battleship, also called the Wormship, are not living ships.

All living ships possess a small amount of passive regeneration, exactly 1% per second. This makes attrition warfare against these ships ill-advised.

Living Ships cannot mount Repair Bots, though they can mount Repair Rays.

Living Ship Types Edit

Ship Faction Class Type
Embryo Jurgans Frigate Light
Embryo layout
Embryo Mk2 Jurgans Frigate Light
Embryo MK2
Chrysalis Jurgans Destroyer Medium
Chrysalis layout
Oblivion Jurgans Cruiser Heavy
Oblivion laout
Beholder Jurgans Battleship Heavy
Zombie Jurgans Battleship Heavy
Empty Zombie
Overlord Jurgans Capital Ship Capital Ship
Drone Taraniak Frigate Light
Drone layout
Drone Mk2 Taraniak Frigate Light
Drone MK2
Dragonfly Taraniak Destroyer Medium
Dragonfly layout
Hornet Taraniak Cruiser Heavy
Hornet layout
Tarantula Taraniak Battleship Heavy
Tarantula layout
Kraken Taraniak Capital Ship Capital Ship
Crab The Swarm Cruiser Heavy
Crab layout
Wormship The Swarm Capital Ship Capital Ship