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Merchant Ship
Merchant Ship.png
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 69.00
Base/Minimum Weight 2760/1380
Workshop Level N/A
Crafting Cost N/A

The Merchant Ship is a HUGE unaligned Cruiser . It can be equipped with any 2*2 weapon, but is largely considered as a drone carrier because of its large amount of blue slots. It is generally considered as a weaker variant of the Freighter due to the lack of green slots for drone boosters.

For player use, this ship can be made into a decent drone carrier. It cannot carry as many drone boosters as the Freighter, however it can carry twelve drones in total. The universal slots mean it can mount any 2*2 weapon, therefore it is recommended to use a Pulsar (for close-range defense) or repair rays to keep it alive.


The Merchant ship isn't very hard to kill, but has decent health and often carries drones, making it difficult to kill for newer players.

  • Non-veterans are armed with a Missile Launcher M2, a Drone Bay M81 and Drone Bay A1. They are easily disposed of with anything that has splash damage or good range.
  • Veterans keep the weapon but have triple the drones. These have less HP and no Drone Modificators, making them an even easier kill than the stock one.