Faction Sayjix
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Light
Base Hitpoints 14.50
Base/Minimum Weight 580/290
Workshop Level 8
Crafting Cost 4,205

The Messenger is a Frigate of the Sayjix faction (See Messenger Mk2) and one of the smallest ships capable of installing drone bays.

For player use, it's advised to use Small Plasma Cannons if the ship doesn't have a built-in Targeting-Unit.


The Messenger is rather weak in terms of speed and firepower, and uses drones to compensate these weaknesses.

  • Non-veterans are armed with two Small Pulse Cannon M2s and a small M51(Small Plasma Cannon) drone bay.
  • Veterans use two Small Pulse Cannon M2s, along with two M54(Small Missile Launcher) drones. They also lose some armor to gain slots for the second drone bay.