Meteor Layout
Faction Unaligned
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 24.50
Base/Minimum Weight 980/490
Workshop Level N/A
Crafting Cost N/A

Meteor is an Unaligned Frigate. For the time being, it can only be obtained from no longer available Christmas boxes, and it is rare because of this. Actually it can be obtained by beating "Merry Christmas" stations. It's one of the non-Capitl Ships to lack a Splash Screen.

For player use, an example build could utilize triple Firework Cannons (with satellites) along with high speed. It is capable of mounting an afterburner.


  • Non-veterans have a Neutron Blaster M2 with some automated reloader. They are fairly fast but somewhat fragile.
  • Veterans have a firework cannon and shield capacitors. They are fast and kinda fragile