Faction Daazen
Combat Class Battleship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 45.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1800/900
Workshop Level 60
Crafting Cost 40,500
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Nemesis is the Daazen's Battleship

For player use, It is one of few Battleships capable of using a Targeting Unit-assisted Black Hole Generator, or Targeting Unit-assisted Railguns. Alternatively using Plasma Throwers, Tractor Beams and Small Plasma Cannons makes for a powerful close-range brawler.

For those who were able to collect multiple copy of Firework Cannon from Easter Egg, install them on every weapon slots of this battleship can turn it into a deadly medium range attacker, due to the weapon's high damage output.


The Nemesis is a highly armored foe with dangerous weapons. Since the variants' battle style differ greatly from one another, one usually requires different strategies against them.

  • Non-veterans are armed with dual Neutron Blaster M2s and an Anti-Matter Bomb. As long as you do not stray too close to the bomb, these are a slow and tanky enemy.
  • Veterans are equipped with dual AI-only long ranged high rate of fire Heavy Pulse Cannon M2s, an AI-only Homing Stasis Field, a Repair Bot and a Point-Defense System. The Stasis Field has a long stun time, similar to its reload time. Getting hit once can spell your death as it is common to be hit by a second Stasis just as the first wears off. Missiles do not work well due to the Point-Defense System.
  • Double Veterans are truly deadly foes, possibly the most deadly of all non-Capital Ships and even surpassing some Capital Ships. The Nemesis is armed with a Black Hole Generator, dual Targeting Unit-assisted Railguns, and a Firework Cannon. In addition, it's equipped with a Frontal Energy Shield and a Repair Bot. AI-only Inertial Nullifier makes it very light, allows it to turn fairly fast to face enemy and dropping BHG + Firework combo while being carried away by the Railguns' recoil.
    • As with other Railgun-equipped foes it's advised to have an afterburner or high speed ship to catch up to them.