Object 18
Object 18
Faction Unknown
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 28.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1120/560
Workshop Level 30
Crafting Cost 15,680

The Object 18 is a Destroyer of the Unknown faction. It is the lightest ship that is capable of mounting the deadly Heavy Missile Launcher M2.

For player use, the MS slots can equip various weapons for different strategies. The simplest one would be to arm it with two Heavy Missile Launcher M2s or M3s and reduce its weight to make a swift and hard-hitting boss hunter.

For close combat, dual Plasma Throwers can do great damage, while 4 Plasma Webs can completely lock down target.


The Object 18 uses missiles to attack, thus it is vulnerable to ECM Jammers. This is one of the most obnoxious ships to fight, as it has an AI-only Super Stealth that also acts like a cloaking device when used. It is also very small and will always run away from you while spamming missiles, making attacking it very difficult.

Often an Object 18 will be armed with combat satellites. You can use this to mitigate its invisibility. They will always fire the satellites once you get into range, turning themselves visible. A fast ship is essential to dodge the AI-only Heavy Missile Launcher M4s that the double veteran Object 18s are equipped with.

Drones are only useful if the drones have 200% range and about 560% speed here as the ship keeps at a high distance, thus giving the drones no time to get to the ship before it cloaks itself again after a few seconds unless they are ridiculously fast. If you use this strategy use Veniri drones(M11) to stagger the cloak as they are the fastest base speed while your other drones close the gap and kill. Koreran drones(M31) are also good because their long range torpedoes make up for its slower speed.

  • Non-veterans are armed 2 Missile Launchers M2s. These are rather fragile and do not pose much threat.
  • Veterans are armed with 2 Heavy Missile Launchers M2s. They also have an AI-only Super Stealth which not only gives stealth but also grants immunity to all damage whilst stealthed. Their base hp also increase a little.
  • Double Veterans exchange the Heavy Missile Launchers M2s with the AI-only Heavy Missile Launcher M4s, otherwise the same with their Veterans counterpart.