Object 34
Object 34
Faction Unknown
Combat Class Frigate
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 22.50
Base/Minimum Weight 900/450
Workshop Level 10
Crafting Cost 10,125

The Object 34 is a medium ship of the Unknown faction. This ship has 91% kinetic resistance by default. It's worth noting that any piece of Impact Armor installed on ship and satelites will have resistance value mutiplied by 11.

For player use, this ship can be used as a missile skirmisher, as it can reach 20.0 for both velocity and turn rate by using Titan Drive while arming 3 Small Missile Launchers on its 3x1 all type slot, without satellites.

Another strategy is to maximize all 3 resistances, arm with 3 SLCM3 and turn it into ramming ship like the AI version. Killing maybe difficult for the unfamiliar, but the sheer resistance allow it to go toe to toe with any ship, except those possess non-type weapons.


The Object 34 is fond of ramming the opponent. It has some kinetic resistance to take advantage on impact.

  • Non-veterans are armed with 3 Small Lightning Cannons. They also have high Kinetic Resistance(over 97%) and have afterburner for powerful ramming attack.
  • Veterans are armed with 3 Small Lightning Cannons like the Non-veterans. They have a Fortification Module, which is activated while performing ramming attacks to reduce kinetic damage taken on impact. They also have even higher kinetic resistance(over 98%).