Object 61
Object 61
Faction Unknown
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 43.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1720/860
Workshop Level 50
Crafting Cost 36,980
Star Ingredient(s) 1

The Object 61 is a medium ship of the Unknown faction. It has a large hull among the Cruiser.

For player use, it can be useful with a Tachyon Beam, some automated reloaders and four M22(stasis) drones. Built-in TU will help improve accuracy.


The Object 61 is a Cruiser with laser weapons.

  • Non-veterans are armed 2 Laser Beams of high damage but short range.
  • Veterans are armed with a Tachyon Beam and AI-only Super Stealth that gives stealth and immunity to all damage while stealthed. When stealthed they vary tactics from moving to remaining stationery completely if target is within Tachyon Beam range. They also have some energy resistance(over 64%) and AI-only Inertial Nullifier to decrease weight in order to quickly engage and face enemy.
  • Double Veterans are armed with a Tachyon Beam, AI-only Super Stealth and AI-only Inertial Nullifier. Like the Veteran version they vary tactics when stealthed. They trade energy resistance for two M81(repair/laser) drones.