Oblivion laout
Faction Jurgans
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 34.50
Base/Minimum Weight 1380/690
Workshop Level 32
Crafting Cost 23,805

Like other Jurgans ships, the Oblivion is a Living ship with a regeneration of 1%. It has a very distinctive ball shape. The Oblivion has 50% Heat Resistance by default. For player use this is a very slow ship, however it's one of the few that can use a Targeting Unit-assisted Black Hole Generator or so many torpedoes. It is one of the six non-Capital Ships able to equip a large anti-matter reactor.

When you first get one, or face a non-veteran, its default weapons and movement speed are miserably pathetic which may make you consider skipping getting one. However, with its 5x3 layout of Torpedo-Special weapon slots it can fit five Proton Torpedo launchers. If you can fit this with Barrel Satelites to boost its speed and the torpedo launchers, plus relevant energy equipment, it can completely saturate an area with torpedo blasts. If all the weapons are linked, instead of firing a simultaneous broadside of five shots it fires one shot at a time in rapid-fire bursts. Do this with a light spin on the ship to get a good spread of shots, making this one of the most lethal ships against something that uses a lot of drones.

As mentioned above it has a large weapon slot for its class and only share this characteristic with Taraniak's Tarantula. With Barrel Satelites to compensate for the small engine slots, its flexible T-S mounting makes it one of the best Cruiser that can be obtained early game.


All variant of Oblivion are very slow but armed with very damaging weaponry. It is advised to take them out from afar or use fast ship to dodge its cloud of quantum torpedoes. Heat-based weapons are not recommended due to its innate resistance.

  • Non-veterans come equipped with a Heavy Quantum Torpedo and a Pulsar M2. They are also very slow. Fast ship or long ranged ships can easily destroy them as long as you mind the torpedoes.
  • Veterans are equipped with an EMP Torpedo and a Heavy Quantum Torpedo. In addition the weapon slot have TU installed to increase EMP's shot accuracy. They are very dangerous against slow ships that fights at short range. Agile ships, high fuel ships and long ranged ships are advised in order to evade the two torpedoes and still fight back as being hit by EMP Torpedo drains a good amount of fuel and can stun ships. Also, they are slightly faster than the Non-veteran counterpart and are assisted with 2 M41 drones.