Faction Jurgans
Combat Class Capital Ship
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 127.50
Base/Minimum Weight 5100/2550
Workshop Level 165
Crafting Cost 975,375
Star Ingredient(s) 25

The Overlord is the Capital Ship of the Jurgans.

It is a living ship with a regeneration rate of 1% HP/Sec when not taking damage.

This isosceles triangular Capital Ship has very high flexibility in weapon choices. It has one forward 3x3 L-slot, one 2x3 C/T-slot at some angle on each of the equal sides, and one 1x4 omnidirectional C-slot at each of the back corners.

For player use, it can mount two omnidirectional Railguns, a Heavy Laser Beam M2, two Heavy Quantum Torpedoes, with lowered weight it becomes very agile and powerful in mid-close range combat, only loses to Kraken in close range DPS. This ship can also equip up to fourteen drones. Has a very efficient green layout for use as a drone carrier, and can have twelve drones and still have 600+ HP. A TU-assisted Tractor Beam and Fusion Beams/Vampiric Rays/Small Repair Rays backed up with EMP Torpedoes and Railguns are probably the most useful armament it can equip with drone setup.

Appearance Edit

This Capital Ship is basically a Megalodon that has been infested with fungi. Like how a Zerg from Starcraft can infest a Terran command center.


This Capital Ship, excluding the non-veteran variant, utilize the combination of different weapons to make it hard to get close to it, especially its high impulse omnidirectional Mass Driver M2s. This, combined with its passive regeneration, makes a battle against the Overlord a long one for short or medium ranged ships.

  • Non-veterans are armed with a Heavy Laser beam M2. They are slow, don't have armor and thus very easy to defeat.
  • Veterans are armed with an AI-only Heavy Laser Beam M1, two Heavy Quantum Torpedoes and two omnidirectional Mass Drivers M2 with 200% damage increased. They are assisted by two AI-only Embryo Mk2 drones with less than a second cooldown. This combination makes engaging in close combat a suicide, as player will be hammered by Mass Drivers M2s from both the ships and their drones, with a floating minefield of torpedoes around them. Long ranged high DPS weapons are recommended.
  • Double Veterans are armed with the same weapons of the Veterans except for the two Plasma Multi-cannons. While they don't have drones, they have Rangemaster Units and an Afterburner to charge at you while bombarding you with their multi-cannons and Mass Driver M2s. Attempts to chase them with short ranged weapons are easily repelled due to the omnidirectional Mass Driver M2s keep pushing you back. A fast ship with long ranged weapons is needed to counter them effectively. They also equip some Energy Absorbers(over 63% Energy Resistance) so Energy-based weapons are not advised.