Faction Veniri
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 20.50
Base/Minimum Weight 820/410
Workshop Level 10
Crafting Cost 8,405

The Destroyer of Veniri faction, Paladin is one of your starter ships, the one with the most balanced ratio of armor to speed and initially having the highest DPS.

For player use, the Paladin makes a moderately decent brawler, however it really becomes powerful if you can add a Stealth Field to it as well as some Wasp satellites, to get a very powerful Energy/Heat based assassin. Some bosses can only be defeated early by such a ship, namely the Korerans's Thor.


All variants are armed with two high-DPS Laser Cannons and have medium speed and armor.

  • Non-veterans are very straightforward with only having two Laser Cannons.
  • Veterans gain a Stealth Field, hiding from the player until they are hit or get in range.
  • Double Veterans are more powerful; losing the Stealth Field but gaining a Small Repair Bot, Frontal Energy Shield and Tractor Beam instead. The beam will force players to remain in range of the Laser Cannons so extra caution is advised.


The Paladin bears a similarity to the Terran Inflict, from a much more well-known space RPG, Galaxy on Fire 2. They look similar in coloring and overall ship design, albeit the Inflict only has two weapon slots but is universal compared to the Paladin with two 1x3 laser slots and one 1x3 cannon slot. - Paladin in a different universe