Planets/Celestial Objects Edit

//All this article is outdated, planet research has changed//

As of patch 0.10.8, the only purpose of planets is exploration.

This page is for "Natural" Celestial Objects, for information on other celestial objects see Game Map and Special Zones.

Types of planets: Edit

  • Barren
  • Gas
  • Terran

Other Celestial Objects: Edit

  • Asteroid Belt

Characteristics Edit

Barren Planets: Edit

  • Very common.
  • Minerals and stars can be found after surveying them

Gas Planets: Edit

  • Almost as common as Barren planets
  • Fuel and stars can be found on them

Terran Planets: Edit

  • Rare, and there is never more than one in one solar system.(needs confirmation)
  • Toxic waste, Alien artifacts, Weapons of varying rarity gears, and stars can be found after a survey.

Asteroid Belt: Edit

As of patch 0.10.8, Asteroid Belts are not implemented.