Faction Korerans
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 22.00
Base/Minimum Weight 880/440
Workshop Level 18
Crafting Cost 9,680

The Praetor is a long and thin Destroyer from the Korerans faction.

Its lack of room for an Anti-Matter and/or Large Nuclear Reactor lower its usefulness. Four Small Lightning Cannon M3s along with Two Potato (Missile) M2 satellites armed with Small Missile Launchers can work.

One very critical note, this is one of the first ships you can research with Korerans tech, and once you can capture a Korerans base of at least level eighteen these can become a critical source of Afterburners, since they come with one out of the workshop. This is the earliest and easiest-to-get possible source known for Afterburners.


Praetors aren't very tough, but their speed can be a problem when trying to kill them. They will normally try to ram you on their strafing runs. An Afterburner, a Tractor Beam, Small Missile Launchers and long ranged ray weapons all help to combat these.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with four Small Plasma Cannons and an Afterburner. Their main weapon can't do very much damage so this is usually more of a bother than threat.
  • Veterans are also equipped with an Afterburner, however the weapons are upgraded to much stronger Small Lightning Cannon M3s. They also have Impact Armor which gives them over 59% Kinetic Resistance. As with the previous these are more annoying but are very dangerous for large, very slow ships. They are also packed with a quantum detonator as a last resort.