Faction Neganari
Combat Class Destroyer
Satellite Class Medium
Base Hitpoints 21.50
Base/Minimum Weight 860/430
Workshop Level 20
Crafting Cost 9,245

The Probe is a Destroyer. It shares several characteristics with the same faction's Spike and Hatchet.

For player use, this make a fast and powerful missile skirmisher, optionally able to use an Afterburner.


The Probe has somewhat low armor. It is not a tough foe and can usually be destroyed quickly with a burst of high damage weapons.

  • Non-veterans are armed simply with six Small Pulse Cannons. They're rather slow moving and shouldn't be a threat.
  • Veterans are armed with six Small Missile Launchers and a Quantum Detonator. In addition, they have an Afterburner.
    • When facing an Afterburner-equipped foe it's advised to have at least one of or more of the following: Small Missile Launcher, Tractor Beam, Afterburner or long-range TU-assisted weapons.
    • Quantum Detonator-equipped foes will only detonate when at low health and in close range. Killing them quickly or at range is advised as the explosion deals a high amount of damage and has a large radius.So that long-range attack is recommended.