Proxima layout
Faction Sayjix
Combat Class Cruiser
Satellite Class Heavy
Base Hitpoints 30.00
Base/Minimum Weight 1200/600
Workshop Level 33
Crafting Cost 18,000

Like most Sayjix ships, the Proxima comes with a built-in Targeting Unit and a 360° arc of fire on its 1x3 T-slot.

For player use, a direct assault design is not very good as it is hard to hit smaller ships with torpedoes even with the support of built-in Targeting Unit. Having two large drone bays installed and it can be used as a medium carrier with torpedo as defensive measure.


The Proxima uses Proton Torpedo/Proton Torpedo M2 that has fair projectile speed, rate of fire, area of effect, damage and range. Use of ECM jammer to reduce the risk of being hit is usually a good choice against ships with omnidirectional weapons.

  • Non-veterans are equipped with a Proton Torpedo and two M51(Small Plasma Cannon) drones. These are slow foes with medium armor.
  • Veterans are equipped with a Proton Torpedo M2, Cloaking System and a Repair Bot. The Cloaking System will make low rate of fire weapons a bad choice. Fighting them can be tricky as a 360° Torpedo will hurt. Shooting them from further away with a Targeting-Unit assisted high weapon is likely the best option.